Old Dublin clubs


Maurice Hurley from Isles played in that final. He would have played with most of the Erin’s Hope lads
when playing for St.Patrick’s College '74-'77.


The county winners got to select the team. Typically they picked their own lads and in latter years they supplemented them with players from other clubs. Mostly it was from teams they played against en route to winning. This practice continued for a good few years beyond 1900 and was applied at senior and junior levels in both hurling and football.


He was one of the highest appearances for Dublin hurlers to this day. He played from mid 1920s up to late 30s/early 40s. Do you know if any of his descendants involved today?


As far as I can recall, he had a son named Pascal (I think) but I don’t think he had any interest or involvement - I could be totally wrong on that.


Beeko - sorry I missed your question on this until a notification popped up. He lived on the Avenue. Opposite side of road to Ray Daly and up to the right. His son, Felim, was involved in some community development with Ray about 10 years ago.I think he was living over in Grange at the time. The mother spent her last couple of years in the convent so I’m not sure who was in the house. There was also a daughter who married a bloke from Vincents - almost as bad as Charlie taking the Free State side back in the day!!

That’s young Brian from Raheny - if he is a great great grandson I’m feeling very old!

Given Charlie took the Free State side I wonder what he made of his neighbours across the road who were ardent republicans in the early 70s. They owned a grocery/sweet shop in Summerhill, known to the kids in O’Connells as ‘the IRA shop’ as it was full of republican paraphernalia. Their house would have been visited by the likes of Daithí O Conaill and Martin Meehan at the time and was the subject of frequent raids by the Branch. On one memorable occasion there was a large raid and an enormous scattering with men leaping over various back walls. In follow-up searches no less a luminary than Joe Cahill was found hiding in a neighbour’s coal shed!

Ptolemy the Greek and the first recorded map of Ireland.



Brilliant post, @EadanMorNorth.

Felim? I don’t know where I got Pascal from.


Bualadh bos a chairde. Great work. Great reading. Go raibh mile maith agaibh go leir.


Brian Fenton or Brian Howard?


Here is little nugget about Young Ireland’s hurling club, a serious club in their time in Dublin