Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


There’s willful ignorance on both sides. That’s the problem.


I’m not ignorant Alan. I am most certainly as well informed about world events as you are. The fact that awful crimes and worse ones are happening elsewhere does not remove my right to protest about Palestine. Nor does it make me a hypocrite. It would only make me a hypocrite if I said such actions were okay elsewhere. I never have. You need to choose your words more carefully when having a holier-than-thou pop at me.


I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to Israelis and Palestinians. Seems to me it’s the main reason they cannot solve their problems.


Why people who are utterly convinced they are right about particular events or situations such as Israel-Palestine try to convince those who are utterly convinced with a polar opposite view is beyond me.

There’s serious wrongs on both sides. There’s also an innate unfairness in the means and resources available which drives many people to condemn Israel. Both sides have acted deplorably with no justification for acts committed. But guess that’s what you get with continuous cycle of hatred and violence. There will never be peace there however when one side’s sole aim is the complete destruction of the other. How do you ever negotiate from that starting point. Desperate world for those caught up in it.

Sporting occasions are not however the place for political demonstrations. The Palestinian flags have no place being waved on Hill16 or any other GAA ground. Likewise any other national or political flag.


In your opinion.


And mine too.


The way I see going to watch sport is it’s an hour and a half where I can switch off from all the bollocks and bullshit that’s happening in the world. It’s a like a little holiday from life and it’s why I and I’m sure many others love going to watch sports so much. I have no time for any political or otherwise statements being made at a match. There’s an Israeli embassy in town that you can stand outside waving Palestinian flags all day long if you so wish. It’s funny that this has come up here as this is becoming a hot topic amongst Bohs fans too. There’s a loud minority who are using the club as a soapbox to spout their political or social beliefs and the majority are getting very tired of it. That looks like it’s going to come to a head very soon. It’s irrelevant that I actually believe in most of the causes, I’ll still say they don’t belong in Dalymount, Croke Park or any other venue. Everyone paying in is paying in to watch their hero’s give them a little lift. Nobody is paying in to go to a party political broadcast.


Well said,that actually makes perfect sense.


Well if politics should not intrude on the rest of life, should Ireland attend the Eurovision in Israel next year?


That’s my view too. I would support Palestine’s side of the issue but I feel that sports events are being targeted by political activists to raise awareness as they are on the telly. It’s the same as John 16 guy (who was one of an international movement).

Sometimes you need a break, but some of these guys are so on message 24/7 it’s exhausting.


Do the Israeli government watch GAA matches?


I couldn’t care less about Eurovision but I’m sure there’s plenty of Irish people who do so I don’t see why I should have the right to refuse them the right to enjoy their once a year event just to make what would be a fairly meaningless virtue signal.

If the Irish government want to take a stand against Israeli aggression there’s plenty of ways they can do so through diplomatic means but sport and entertainment, imo, should remain politics free.


I drove past the Israeli embassy about 5 times in the last few months and not once did I see a protester outside it. I really don’t think these people are as politically active as they like to let on. I’ve never seen anyone outside a supermarket at the weekend with placards asking people to boycott Israeli goods.


People consider tweeting their opinions as “politically active” these days…


Much easier fly a flag at a match :flushed:


Emmm. Ok!


'old a minute, come again, you insulted the Eurovision?? That’s goin over boooard mate!!


< Insert “that escalated quickly” meme here >