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Keep coming back ? They keep getting beaten ffs. The Mayo love in never goes away


The only thing correct in that article is that mayo are ‘player led’ as for Brady, the complete arsehole.


They can hardly decide to sit a year out ffs.
Despite the media (and seemingly the majority of their fans) thinking otherwise Mayo are good enough to stroll into the super eights so that provides motivation enough as that’s their level at least. The team know that. It’s hardly leitrim or Carlow for whom such a stupid article would actually suit.


Dunno how you can say they’ll stroll into the Super 8’s when they made very, very hard work of progressing thru the qualifiers in both 2016 & 2017. They may have been good enough in hindsight, as they made it all the way to the AI final, but they have been absolutely woeful in a lot of their qualifier games in previous years & were bloody lucky not to lose a good few of them.


We keep “coming back” as does every other team…but we keep getting to semi finals or finals because we have a very good team…just not quiet enough to beat one of the greatest teams ever…


Enda Kenny hack your account. Another year same points, time for some internal reflection no. Your results point to a very different problem. Nearly is a good achievement but doesn’t equate to greatness, that’s why it’s a good thing I’m not practising heart surgery in the mater hospital.


Never called us great…we have a good team and have fallen short. Not looking for sympathy but fact is we have fallen short and it’s self inflicted but also missing that little bit of extra class up front when the game is in the melting pot…

I’d love to know what problem your referring to? Yes finals and mayo are a problem, on some occasions we have just not been good enough, last year I feel we done nearly everything right but it’s fine margins…


Yous couldn’t have done much more. It will never really get the praise it deserves for a few years but 2017 will go down as one of the best finals ever. Any other county in that final would have been beaten out the gate. I think Dublin broke a record for accuracy in an All Ireland final that day and that’s how good we had to be to win it. Mayo can’t be accused of not turning up or choking last year. They performed better than they did all year that day.


Conceeding an early goal again, Vaughan’s stupidity when we had the man advantage are two key moments from our point of view…Connolly’s class when coming in changed also swung the game in my opinion.


I don’t think there is any need to post your champo results from last year, they speak for themselves. If you choose to take one result in isolation, all be it a final, it paints a very different picture of a team than one were you look at the whole journey. I don’t doubt their a good team with excellent strength & conditioning and extensive financial resources but if you were to give a critical analysis and look at their results over the first 70mins of each game you might conclude that their a good team over achieving.


You say taking one game paints a different picture…taking one season the same thing? Since 2011 Mayo are thereabouts…so overachieving for 7 years is some going. Then the narrative of us being bottlers can’t hold true if we keep getting beat by the better team?


I think that’s a fair point, you have unfortunately come up short in key areas over the years.


In sport most teams are beaten by better opposition, though not always. When you say overachieving for 7 years, what national title have you won in those 7 years, even cork have a league.


It’s a bit of an unfair argument. Don’t think Mayo have ever once claimed to be even trying to win the league. They’re fairly open about that


That arguement would fit well with their results.


Longest serving team in division 1…22 years. While we have no national titles (2001 league title aside) we are an ever constant.


That’s a good achievement and a sign of a good team. It’s a record that many counties would be happy to reflect on.


Content but no Sam leaves an enpty feeling


Definitely, and I would presume sometimes coming close feels a lot worse than not been close at all. I would say as a positive, mayo gaa have as whole enjoyed great benefits from what they have achieved and have used it to their advantage to their credit.


Well if (what is increasing likely) this team does not land Sam…it has left a legacy. Every kid in Mayo wants to play for the county…that can not be underestimated.

Now I didn’t make Thurles today so I’m off to a TV…up Mayo