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Enjoy the game.


When you get called out by a fictitious character.


I laughed at that good man Rosser!


If Begrudgery was an Olympic sport Spewan would be laden down with gold medals


There’d be calls to split Ewan in two.


Unfortunately Rosser is likely a good mate of the Lemonhead


Because they are!

Don’t give me this “hope Tyrone gets them” angle. Tyrone got them two years ago and Mayo beat them. There is no quality in the backdoor this year so they’ll sail it.


There’d be more than calls




No Connaught either the last three years. But ultimately everything thrown into peaking for 2 ga,mes a year in late summer. Sad statement on how GAA IC competitions are viewed but also a realistic statement perhaps regarding the use of playing resources?


They also were the better team in the 2016 final first game but conceding two absolutely freak unlucky goals on a very wet day gave them virtually no chance of winning yet they got the draw.
As I’ve said here many times, anybody on here denigrating Mayo’s ability and level of performance (in the All-I anyway) is actually denigrating our own team, I wonder do they ever stop to realise the contradiction of it?


Define lucky? Were Dublin lucky to win by a point last year, to get a draw with two jammy goals in 2016? To win the replay by a point when ■■■ missed the free? They certainly rode the high wire in several games last year, and didn’t set the world alight the year before but then again they didn’t need to. Qualifier games are for winning, and ironing out stuff.


We are all aware of it , you have mentioned it many , many times.


Good stuff, getting through so. :grinning:


Form can go out the window in a once off game , i.e. final . I’m not sure wtf happened in our preparations / setup in the '16 first game but we were bullied all over the park that day .It was one of the most disapointing games ive been at , up there with Donegal '14. We were atrocious & yet could still have won. I walked out feeling like wed lost , that’s how bad a taste that match left in the mouth . But we got it very right the next day. And by right , we finished up victorious , thats all that matters. Dropping Berno to the bench , switching Flynner to midfield ,etc , Jim made the hard calls & it worked out . He was probably lucky with Cormac , but it worked .That’s the difference between us & Mayo . We made the right calls were they still relied on guys who seem oblivious to been dropped . Rochford gambled on Hennelly been a game changer with his kickouts & winning ball in midfield & it was a tactical ■■■■ up. Mayo are a very good team who turn it on against us . I’ve said it lots of times before . I spent half my life in the west & no matter what , they always believe they can beat Dublin , regardless of the defeats in the 3 finals .
If we were to face them in September , they’d still believe it , they don’t give a ■■■■ about past results . But this may just be the year we give them a beat down . Maybe WE give Mayo too much credit when we play them , a serious hiding would put the myth of Mayo to bed .


I felt exactly the same that day after the drawn final, we were muck, I actually think we wilted in the face of trying to do back to back after so many previous times not making it. If it wasn’t for those goals I truly think we’d have lost that day but who knows.

It also seemed like we weren’t ready for the ferocity that Mayo brought, perhaps we were (the C word) after the way the 2015 replay finished up, though you would imagine that unlikely. Perhaps most of all we were flat after the incredible semi-final effort against Kerry. Come to think of it, that melt-down that left Kerry five ahead and took such an incredible effort for us to win cost us the chance to perform well in the final.

I don’t see any luck with Costello except the luck that he was fit but how often have we/he been unlucky in that regard? Every time I watch the last 15 minutes of that game back, I’m still astounded at the impact Cossie had, he was like a kid on a magic carpet or some sort of video game mini-hero, he was so much faster, sharper and directly brilliant than any other player on the field in that period. The game had become something if a stalemate, or at least both teams had sort of fought each other into submission and most scores were coming from frees at that stage.Two of his scores were fantastic, and the other one was simply outrageous. All the credit to Jim also for getting him on the field as a sub in that form.

As regards how Mayo view playing us, I think it would be more true to say they always believe they will perform to their best against us, and that in actual fact is pretty much exactly the truth. They had not managed to do that against Kerry in the last decade but in this decade the two times (four!) they have played Kerry they’ve performed to their best without doubt. But that masks the fact that quite simply there current/recent team has been way ahead of that team they had in the last decade in many ways.

Alot of old-school supporters are very wedded to their old traditions and history and popular wisdom handed down the generations. It may be very long gone but I’m sure somehow the word must have been from long ago that “Mayo always play really well against Dublin” (which is tantamount to saying they don’t fear playing us, which is also saying they only fear Kerry, or maybe Galway when Mayo are favourites or something…?)
Anyway we didn’t play them once in championship I think from 1955 til 1985, then not again til 2006. And there’s the small fact that they beat us in 06 and 2012.


There was no evidence that year that CC would Have the impact he did . He came on , took his chances & was the winning of that game .
He could easily have had no impact at all .
And lets no forget Berno got a point too. And we only won by one point . It could have went very badly for us but this team has continuously come up trumps when the chips are down against adversity .Which was so lacking in the past.That, is the sign of a truelly great team . Our bench has gotten us over the line in so many important matches , they should nearly be building a statue for Kevin McManamon for the service to Dublin football gaa .


Not entirely true. By all accounts in the build up to the all Ireland semi and final, he was buzzing in training. In fact, a colleague of mine from WC told me before the final that CC would come on and kick a few scores. He was very confident of it.

Almost prophetic!


Netanyahu won the Sigerson.


Sorry Rochey , but on the pitch there wasn’t any evidence & that’s what we going from .