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Sorry to be a pedant, there was evidence, just you weren’t aware of it!


:joy: by all means , but there was no evidence as his appearance or lack of proved.




Woolys podcast before the developments yesterday involved his usual tirade against Dublin , and actually mentioned that the opposition should protest about the “home game” been in Croke Pk.

Also said there was no comparison between Kerry’s dominance in Munster & ours in Leinster because Kerry played Cork in PUC as well as the financial doping.


Why would you listen to sideshow bob’s bog-cast? It’s purely for the neanderthal market. He’s just audio click bait


I enjoy it for games not involving Dublin .


He was very complimentary towards Dublin. In fairness to him, he usually is. He does have some strong opinions on the GAA’s treatment of Dublin but I get the sense he would go on about that no matter which county was involved.


Oh id agree , its the stuff outside of the game that sets him off .


He’s a hypocritical mouth



I don’t think Jim your worried about Gavins legacy just your own. And he knows well it’s not Dublins decision where they play the games


I am normally a fan as I like to read both sides but I’m getting sick of the lack of understanding that Dublin have so many fans and they need to be accommodated
Dublin GAA is wrong to have Parnell Park it’s a crap venue even though it’s down the road for me
We need a 40k stadium and Fock croke Park

Listening to that Meath muppet on the show is cringing maybe him and his Kildare counterpart should look at themselves and ask why they under perform every year with the level of players they have available in their county
Both counties are run at a low embarressing level
Look at Kilkenny and mayo and develop your county to the same standard and stop blaming Dublin


It’s pointless having a 40k stadia a 10k and a 82k all in Dublin. The whole GAA stadia strategy is a mess because of the terrible competition structures we have had forever. You have some counties building way too big to try and attract one off matches once in a blue moon and the other counties who didn’t chase that rainbow now being punished because they can’t hold home games.


Legacy me bollix. This is just another excuse to shit on Jim (Gavin) and not give him full credit for what he has achieved.


Meath, Kildare, Wicklow & Louth. Four of the four most populous counties in the country, three adjoining Dublin and one 10 minutes away - and not a decent ground between them. Shameful … and I wouldn’t be blaming the GAA either.


Mordor are doing this.

Now I cant understand why they are building this where it is. And I have asked some of the Mordor lads why they would not build it out at Dunganny, their centre of excellence. Then again, what they do there leaves me scratching my head at times.


When Jim McG speaks. Its about jim. Now that his legacy has been absolutely destroyed by Gavins legacy of footballing McGuinness will do anything to undermined and negate Gavin. And GRU sitting loving it. Plenty of clickbait for his off the bollix show.


Louth and Meath should jointly build something on the Louth-Meath border near the M1. But no - that would make sense …


Agree, plenty of green field sites. N3, N2 and M50 with M1 access. No, your right that would make sense. Pairc Tealteann could be sold at a serious profit to fund that.


I’m 100% in agreement with you, but the window has closed on it.

If it was to happen the only place could be Abbotstown really, but the costs will be massive. Even if you accept the argument that PUC has been grossly overpaid for you are still looking at tens of millions, and probably having to pay for road improvements in the area too. I’d imagine that DCB would have to sell PP to raise funds and probably some other lands or grounds as well but even then you are lumping tens of millions of debt onto the DCB (even with government grants) which they literally can avoid by playing in Croke Park. From the DCB point of view its a no brainer right now.