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Or somewhere off the N4 like Kinnegad where Kildare, Meath and maybe even Westmeath could all share.


Yeah another fair point.


This is a problem with a successful Dublin and not a problem with stadia.


Yeah, stadia went a bit of topic. At the basis of it all, its just good old begrudgery, of course when you make that argument to people they think your just nuts. OTB have a line of ex players managers, bullshitters to come on a peddle the narrative in a more structured way. If they say it enough times, sure it must be true.

McGuinness has a fucking cheek to be even opening his mouth about Jim Gavins legacy (regardless if he was asked a question or not). He knows well we don’t have a decision over where games are played. An absolute mecernary that fella. would stand on anyone for a tuppence worth of exposure.


posting on the other thread i remembered how when we had plans to build (Spawell first time out?) our friends and neighbours and the leinster council all hinted that it would be a grand “regional” mid sized stadium for the use of Kildare Meath and so on. There is no winning sometimes on this.


It’s 21st Century begrudgary on steroids, brought to you by the people of arsebook and shitter


Or Meath, Kildare, Westmeath and Offaly build something between them around the M4


Tullamore is a grand aul stadium no need for them to be involved


I know it is and it puts Newbridge to shame but consider the long term.


had to be bailed out by the GAA with Fingal Hurling Development money.


with fingal hurling development money … how did that happen. I never heard that. Sure that’s madness


the exact same time the fingal money was stopped the GAA bought the debt on Tullamore.

for those here who say “ignore bitter and OTB and all them” OTB literally had a campaign around this time after another offally hammering by kilkenny (think it was the very first sky GAA match) for money to be taken from dublin and given to offaly.


Stopped listening to that show due to their anti-Dublin whining


Jimmy McGuinness the first manager to win medal for winning a All Ireland semi final in 2014 :joy::joy:Could never modify his tactics. Losing the final that year in 2014 and still kept 15 behind the ball :roll_eyes:


he kept referring to our last defeat in 2014…hint hint… IT WAS ME!!!


small price to pay for not loosing since - long may he preach it


Four of the most populous? You sure? Louth? Wicklow?


Certainly in top half


From Census 2016

Wicklow 142,425
Louth 128,884
Kildare 222,504

By way of comparison
Mayo 130,507
Monaghan 61,386
Kilkenny 99,232

Them Kildare fellas and their unfair advantages…


Meath have a mere 194,942 souls … few of whom are good at the ould football …