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GAA centre of excellence built right on their doorstep. I bet none of their inter-county players work outside the county either.


Jim Mc Guinness tried to destroy the game of football went to Scotland and Asia to spread it like a virus
Fock all to do now so go on that anti dub 106 show and spread his speel over the radio
106 lickin it up like lackies cause it ain’t rugby


Imagine being county chairman of Kildare with 225k population and all the money that churns in that county and having a stadia like a 3rd world bankrupt country
Imagine how he keeps his job

Sure we’ll blame the dubs


The county chairman is the one and only Seamus Aldridge (dirty thieving C**nt former referee). They reap what they sow having that horrible little mutant running their dis-functional organisation.


Id say he measures himself against the Mordor County Chairman and says, grand Im doing a great job.


That’s exactly how he keeps his job. Especially with you know who whipping up hysteria about us while ignoring his own country boards shortcomings


He is Hon President , not Chairman.Agree with your other sentiments


I never knew it was him ffs a man I hated years ago on the hill
The jury rests


Just on that McGuinness article he seems like he looking manager a soccer team. He doesn’t half love himself.

McGuinness has returned from a brief stint with the New York Red Bulls and is now looking to move into management in his next role.

"I’m based in Glasgow now and hopefully in the next period take a team and whatever that team will be the ball rolling if you like.

“(I can manage) at any level now, I’m through my ‘A’ (licence) and my next badge is my pro licence. I’ll hopefully be starting that in and around Christmas time. I just feel having gone in as a psychologist, and then the 16s, the 19s, and then as an assistant coach, I feel that I’m getting to that point that I have my own take on the game and that I’d like to start working at the coalface again. It’s been a long road.”


I shudder for whoever has to be managed by that ruthless megalomaniac.


Did he say all that ?
I didn’t read it .


It has jim, incredibly long and it feels like we have walked every step with you because you keep fecking reminding us. :wink:


Kevin Cassidy? Oh not him… he drove a steak through his heart for speaking out of turn…


Was in the independent


Medium rare? Hardly Well Done!


Fucking hell , he doesn’t half rate himself .
An advisor to Bonner ,didn’t he allegedly advise mayo a few years ago or was that last year ?


I heard it was blue to well done.


Jim does metaphorically what a dog can do physically.


His advisor to Trump… Megatron, Ronaldo. A man of his self worth knows no limits


Whats that? When chasing a game bring all your men in behind your own forty and hope the other team get knackered kicking the ball over the bar and then counter


Shit in the most inappropriate places?