Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Think he took a few training sessions with Mayo in 2016.Was it Brady or Carney that spilled the beans on that?


Probably Brady… Has a habit of gaffs


Except he called O’Gara starting last year .
Pure speculation though .


A stopped clock and all that. Needs to engage his brain first before he talks


True , sure he asked Alan Brogan if he had sun stroke this evening questioning one of his tweets :expressionless:


Didn’t he lose the keys to his gaff last year too :wink:


He literally did nothing in the short time he was with us. I have no clue why he was there in MLS



Sure he only took mayo for a couple sessions.


So he’s not gone yet?


Hope it’s worth the 25k surely he was earning that as a sparks


For a few weeks???


He’ll last two weeks in soccer. Completely different ball game managing professional superstars. You can’t treat them the way he was treating some of the Donegal players. They’ll just say ■■■■ you I’ll go somewhere else and get paid more for it too. He’s easily the most unlikable figure in the GAA the last 10 years. He’s not as well liked at Celtic as some would have you believe too.


Whered ya hear that ?


The fact they got rid of him might be a hint :wink:


True , he was fortunate enough with Lennon getting him in there .


He is only 2nd to the KOTF media circus when it comes to having a pop at St Jim.


Friends from Glasgow. It’s likely to be all hearsay but giving his personality in the media and his very public character assassinations on Cassidy, Bogue, Rory Gallagher etc I’d tend to believe what I heard about his stint in Glasgow


Id have no doubt about it .


What he did to Bogue minutes after winning the All Ireland tells you everything you need to know about the man.