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what happened there?


He refused to answer questions from journalists in the press room until Bogue was thrown out. To the eternal shame of every journalist in there they allowed it to happen


Was the Belo Horizonte mafia in attendance I wonder???


Both would have worked together at the old Sunday Tribune.


yes, i remember that now.

cant remember the two page rage from paul kimmage about it. must have a google for that…


Tells you about the moral fibre of Sports journalists. Funny enough they can be quick to make judgements about others.


That was poxy, and indicative of his mentality that in the moment of winning the All Ireland he could still refer back to something like that. Control freak.


What he did to Cassidy was far worse Imo.


Yes but imagine just minutes after reaching the top of the mountain your first act is try and get at someone you think did you wrong. A journalist, What kind of mentality is that?

Any journalist who stayed in that room after that disgraced his or her profession.


Charlton & Eamo ?

Classic bit here


Dunphy is an arsehole tbf though


An entertaining assshole though. I used to enjoy him and Johhny so much more. Duff and Andrews are dull, but I like Richie Sadlier, he allways has something interesting to say. We are still blessed though compared to BBC.


This website reports on the Boston GAA scene


Kilkenny All-Ireland winning hurling captain Joyce to make AFL debut


Indeed, as bad as Dunphy is he’s better than anything the BBC have.


Christ yea, the BBC’s panel are terrible. Wake me up when Drogba says something interesting, controversial or funny. And he’s the best of them.




Who is referring to ( Peirs ) ?


What is Piers referring to ?