Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


What is Piers referring to ?


Mbappe ?



Do I have to do all the bloody work around here?


And what has it all got to do with that fellow out of Philomena ?


This just sad now


Oh ■■■■ off. Those pricks on OTB give us zero credit for winning 5 AI’s since 2011


Has to be wind up. Up there with Jack o Shea’s mayo have been the best team over the 5 years.


They won’t and never will and it will be tokenism. But ■■■■ them we don’t need validation of Kildare FM.


Still the only county to win 5 All-Ireland senior football titles in a decade.


Only because of our financial doping…


For the love of God dont start the decade debate :grinning:


Using my logic on decades, Kerry have never won more than four All-Irelands in any decade! :slight_smile:


Ger Gilroy… :roll_eyes:


Loftus & DOC


So he’s finally going


Bad news for the rest of the country .
The new person might actually sort out the footballers & even improve the situation with the hurlers .


Lad posted that on mayo gaa Pravda blog but the names were edited out lol


No, he will apply and duly get reappointed.


“Frank there’s only one job on the CV county secretary for 45 years. Any other experience?”


I’ll believe it when I see it. The likes of him do not go gently into the good night.