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Because you can’t say anything about the wee poor angels that may suggest anything unsavory like taking the American shilling right after losing to Kildare.

Sure they are expected to partake in the two weeks of official mourning.


I actually had a joke ready to go about the Mayo County board asking about using the cave in Thailand where the soccer team got trapped but felt it might have been in bad taste!


They flew out Sunday to make the deadline. McBrides club has strong Mayo connections.

They are dead right to head off between the media writing obituaries and everyone saying “ah sure yer lovely but yer finished now bull” I’d be off stateside too.


Id say even you thought that bit on TSG was beyond cringe , I’d be morto if they done it for Dublin .


Heard about it, didn’t watch it as the Barman turned it off…I’d rather watch love island


It was kind of the same thing …


You mean Spillane was hooking up with Des Cahill :grin:


Remember when Pillar stood down, they did a montage then…


it was the other losing counties on saturday i felt for, no montage for them.


You just can’t keep Aido down (unless you tackle him)


Good voice.


they look like a big weight has been lifted form their shoulders tbh.

its only afterward that you realise it.


Yeah it does. All the same must be some pressure on them when going through the qualifiers. Fans and players alike can go on their holiers and enjoy themselves.


It’s been an extraordinary run. You couldn’t have made up all the dramas that kept coming year on year with Mayo since 2011. Shocking the All-I Champs in 11, and again in 12, then the early Donegal goals, and the long-drawn out defeat while constantly on the attack.

The slaughter of Donegal in 13, the expectation of the final, the dramas of the final on probably the hottest day ever a final has been played on, and back to back final defeats. We thought it couldn’t carry on one way or another and then came the 14 semi-final with so many different layers of drama it would have filled a decent film. The winning of the first game with 14 men from a deficit followed by losing a five-point lead in the last few minutes as well as to turn Donaghy from a hopeful, out of form, ageing, back from injury sub into a resurrected all-terrorising hero was more than enough but oh no, everything about the replay was like nothing anyone had ever seen before (or since). And we thought again, well surely that really is it.

By 15 Horan left but they were waltzing through Connaught yet again and like nearly every year Aido was blazing a trail through defenses, and somehow it was always something new and improved, and THIS… was definitely going to be the year. But they were as poor as they had ever been the first day against us. But of course something unexpected and incredibly dramatic and controversial happened and there they were, going to a semi-final replay again. By the by, after the equaliser with Dublin in disarray after two huge black-card decisions and a man down they never looked remotely like getting a winner.

The replay looked like being one of the games of the decade and Mayo went four or five ahead, with a goal to propel them on to victory. At which point of course they promptly allowed a goal virtually walked into the net, then another conceded to the Dublin fullback after an impossible pass over the goaly’s head. And there was Aido and Philly, and ■■■ and Rory. And after back-to-back semi-final replay defeats on top of back-to-back All-Ire Final defeats, some people here still questioned why they would take a rethink about their passage through the championship over that time and decide on something radical and desperate?

Well it started in 16 with the yet again all-new drama and controversy of the management putsch, the player-power not seen before at such a level in GAA outside the Land of Oz(Cork). And it went on with a defeat to Galway, being written off, a struggle through the qualifiers, Aido’s barnstorming goal through the meanest blanket defence in the country, a handy semi-final, and we all know the rest. All this on the back of two pretty terrible league campaigns. The two goals in the drawn final were of a nature so freakish as to have surely never been seen before, and will possibly never be since. The comeback as brilliant as it was almost unexpected. And the replay of a massive game for a third year in a row.

Could there possibly be anything left to happen bar winning the damn thing? Oh yes, yes, the replay was previewed by the Keegan-Connolly battle fall-out in the media, then had the goaly decision that baffled everyone, then the bad start, the fantastic goal, the black cards, the big scrap, the goaly disaster, the penalty, the out-of-the blue Costello cameo, the down to the wire yet again, and the missed free.
Last year’s qualifier run was like a summary of everything that had happened in the previous six years. Four drawn games, two replays, the defeat of Kerry, and then the final to come down to what it did, and the way it did, and for it all to end this year after a ludicrous melodrama controversy and campaign about a venue…

8 years, 3 semi-finals, 4 finals, replays in three of those 7 major games, one point defeats in 3 of the finals, three qualifier campaigns, two of which led to an All-I final, and, in the last 6 years prior to this year, the run was two final defeats, then two semi-final final replay defeats, then two more final defeats, the first one after a replay, the second one chasing the ball all ver the field and right down into their opponents goalmouth and still unable to get a hand on it.
That’s 6 massive, heartbreaking defeats in a row, losing to the eventual All-I champions only (in knock-out), 7 years in a row. 9 ultimate games lost or drawn between semi-finals and finals in that six year run. A combined total scoring defeat of 14 points, or just 8 over 5 of those years (excluding the 2015 replay).

Dublin 95 had been through two semi-final and two final defeats, and the four game Meath saga, and another narrow defeat to Meath.


Great post. There was a lot of animosity with Mayo on both sides over the years and I myself was quite vocal in my dislike of them but hindsight is a great thing and I’ve since realised most of the animosity I felt towards them was caused by the perception that their lads were getting away with murder from the refs and media where as our lads couldn’t say boo on the pitch without character assassinations. But that’s not the Mayo lads fault.

The All Ireland series will definitely be a less dramatic and quality competition without them. To any of the Mayo lads who will call it a day after this year all I can say is fair play to each of yous. Just had luck that yous came along with the greatest team to ever play the game. If the media gave this Dublin team a fair assessment than that would be the ultimate tribute to the Mayo lads that they pushed us to the pin of our collars several times.



You have mellowed most impressively indeed @BohemianDub. Marriage, child, @mayoman and @greenred all factors.


Definitely the effect of having a daughter :grin:


The lads are sound too


They support rovers you know that right. Greenred is also known as Greenwhite on the league of Ireland sites.


No … didn’t know that … didn’t know that at all … :imp: