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what do ye get up to in yer spare time


This isn’t a dating site. PM him.


The Dunph is hosting an episode of his podcast in Tralee with a gaa heavy line up including der bomber. Expect lots of cringe arse licking from Eamo , I love Kerry , great true Irish folk etc .


Better have mountain rescue on hand. Dunphy will no doubht get stuck up bombers hole. Expect a good bitchfest on the dubs.


I was just chancin me arm, I once wrote a French letter

  1. List item

but it wasn’t that long


I do be thinking about all that sort of shite when I’m supposed to be working and/or avoiding being a husband. I never grew out of keeping lists of stats as a child!


No I am not. Where did you get that rubbish. I don’t even watch League of Ireland.


O I get it now, some in joke :see_no_evil:


Yeah just trying to get a rise out of the lads .


Always count to ten before posting.


Or in a Mayo state of mind, 67

Sorry :wink:


U20 champions will have to do me this year. Looks like a smashing, score for fun Mayo team coming through.

Sitting on joint 3’rd (cont. of U-21) with Galway, Dublin and Tyrone doesn’t sit right, we need to reestablish ourselves as the top 3 of underage.


That’ll soon be knocked out of them … like nearly every other young lad in the country … :smirk:


Whats the craic here , did a load coaches step down or something ?


I heard Banty applied for all the roles. :joy::joy:


Oh good Christ :tired_face: He’ll not be shy of saying something like “the true pure beauty of the game is on the way back with this Kerry squad”.


Thought yous might take a gander at “Rovers” now and then? Maybe the animosity with Galway doesn’t extend to soccer?


Liverpool fan.