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Well deserved TP … but jaysus you could’ve put Mayo jerseys on the boys!!


So Leitrim minors can’t find the time to play for the county! Dublin played in a secondary Leinster competition after being knocked out of the main competition, but Leitrim couldn’t be arsed doing the same.

One county has won 3 senior All Ireland’s in a row, the other one won Connacht a couple of decades back…


Yes the article doesn’t give any feedback from the other two counties involved. Still it’s a disgrace all three opted not to play.


Total waste of time. If they’re playing with their clubs then let them off. There’s enough interference from county teams without adding in a pointless B competition. Our manager didn’t exactly think it was that important either.


Here we go…


Its why a B championship simply won’t work.


Of course it can , depends on how it is structured though. It makes absolute sense but too many politicians in the gaa to advocate for it.


There has to be some reward though , maybe an entry back into AI series at some stage .


I think provincials are still gonna be there even if the championship goes to 2 tiers.


Using your vast wealth of experience as a GAA man?


Why does ladies football still have provincials then. Leinster and Connact literally only have 2 teams.


But it wasn’t even a B championship, it was a shield type competition. Dublin played in the Leinster version. With the greatest respect to Leitrim, if it was good enough for Dublin, it was good enough for them.

I just can’t understand young lads not wanting to play county football regardless of the competition.


Maybe they would prefer to play for their clubs? A radical idea I know but maybe that could be it?


I was talking strictly about a 2nd tier championship. I don’t know about shield competitions. But the number of players that will leave the inter-county panel from the so called lesser counties I believe will increase drastically.


You are very opinionated for somebody who claims to be American.


We have an NFL and NBA thread here? Are lads not allowed have opinions on those because they’re Irish?


A few ressers question where he actually does hail from and to be fair he hasn’t given anyone any reason to believe him being an American…I actually don’t care just sharing what’s going Ohm :wink:


His IP address originates in conneicut what more do you want?


As I said personally I don’t care he’s not a troll has provided some good info and is a good contributor