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Kevin Nolan. It was a roadshow from coppers rec on wed .

Cooper spends all year engaging in anti-dublin bias yet gets roadshows in coopers. He must be having a great laugh.

Edit - same with the boilers.

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He loves wrestling? That’s case closed so

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I know a woman on Facebook who bacame a literal rabid Wexford supporter (never seen her supporting ten years) this year. Be interesting to see what happened there now with her. Not to.mention the usual wreckage Dave leaves behind.

His team might well have lost one more if he had been blown for picking the ball up in the small square in the 85 final with Dublin only a point behind.

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I bumped into him in croker at the cork QF in 2013 , reminded him about that 85 final ,he said h
" I never picked up a ball in the small square in my life ".!!

Apologies if posted elsewhere…

Ready it when posted on another thread. But apology accepted.

Don’t know if here is the right place for the delicious salty tears of bitter defeat discussion but I do want to start a compendium of what I’ve read so far:

“Commiserations to our lads. I am sure that the GAA will give Dublin a nice big bonus after the trauma of having played outside the Pale in the championship for the first time in many years. I do not salute Dublin winning this All-Ireland or their recent wins because of the lack of fairness. It is easy to win when everything is on your doorstep.”

"Congrats Dublin, they were the better team
Kerry did us proud this year

To me kerry 1975-1986 are still the best
The same panel essentially
Came back after the heartbreak of a five in a row loss and another last goal defeat to Cork to win three in a row
Just my opinion
No home advantage
No two home games while everyone else has one

My addition: Only three games to win an All-Ire and one of them against frightened rabbits Cork

No millions pumped into them by the GAA
It’s like Man City in the premiership. It’s skewed football forever

That’s not bitterness
Just an opinion
Dublin could win 10 now

I love kerry
The above might seem biased
But this Dublin Gaa benefit is being whitewashed by the dublin media
Only ■■■■■■■■■■■■ and a few are brave enough to say it
Meanwhile the Dublin based media just ignore

Im a Gaa lover. I miss the Leinster championship. I miss micko and Paidi bringing success. That ship has sailed

Anyway enjoy it Dublin
It will eventually seem hollow
I’m a Liverpool fan and having the greatest season in history saw us fail because we were playing against a loaded deck
Man City fans just are not living in the real world with their success
Neither at the moment are Dublin

Well, not living in your sad delusional world anyway!

And this line that the ten steps being pulled meant nothing was crazy. At least Joanne called it out. Still we benefited from referees decisions in the past so it’s just one of those things. It’s meant to be"

"Dublin fans will deny to the end of time they are benefited to the extreme. It’s why I’ll never geneflect to them. In the old days the rivalry was balanced and magical. Now it’s slowly turning into a total unequal situation. People are getting sick of it. How many more Leinsters in a row Will Dublin win before something is done. How many more all irelands?

‘In the old days the rivalry was balanced and magical’, seriously, FFS, did he miss the 34 years bit when it wasn’t exaclty balanced?? :crazy_face:

Its not a kerry issue
It’s already destroyed Leinster
Paidi and his famous Westmeath speech about an ounce of sand will tip the scales is gone now. You’d need the same benefits conferred to Dublin

Yeh coz Kerry aren’t hammering all the weak teams as well. And didn’t do so in the past

Anyway I won’t harp on.
Dubs will see what they see and some Kerry fans are still not waking up to the change. I’m a liverpool fan. I never thought man u would surpass our number of titles. Kerry’s status of most all ireland wins will be reeled in.

The drive for five has arrived at its destination. My worry is what path the route takes now"

:joy::rofl: “I miss the Leinster Championship, I miss Micko and Paidi bringing success…” :cry::sob: Oh boo hoo our little extended Kingdom playground in Leinster where we can indulge our amuse bouche dreams of un-Kerry glamour (‘whilst still winning loads of All-Irelands ourselves for the Flame-Keeping Quest’), having more cuts of the big bad Dubs, whilst our lads cream off local GAA fundraising in the counties we are ‘helping’ has gone away, boo hoo.

Still, they’ll have JackO and Mikey Q to cheer on next year, they might get three shots at us. All the more fun putting those Kerry-by-proxi mercenary insurrections down

“Anyone else notice Cian O’Sullivan pick up from the ground in the penalty area? Was just after that big high ball in, and Clifford being bundled over”

Ahh, what goes arounbd comes around! Is that you Jacko??

“The path is slowly being cleared for Dublin to have semi-professionalism as the norm. Where that leaves the rest of the country is anyone’s guess but what is certain is that the game of football will continue to suffer as a result.”

“We are fighting a financial juggernaut now
And my last word for any Dublin fans in denial
There are none so blind as those who will not see”

Or alternatively, “we lost to the better team after not taking our (referee-aided) chance the first day? And if we had won it would prove that no sort of finances or systems can stop pure football and great management and the greatest winning history and tradition and father time from taking over.” No? Thought not

“Dublin were methodical but they’re not invincible, 2020 should be a 50/50 if Kerry can take a step up and everything points to then being able to.” - Ahh, it’s the hope that kills 'em!

The Grasping for Bitter Consolation Straws award goes to -
"I had the pleasure of sitting in front of the biggest arsehole I have ever come across at a game. It was like a scene from Adam and Paul at times. He was obnoxious. He tried to shake hands with a couple of Americans who he thought were Kerry people. The lady told him what she thought of him.

Was there some sort if row on the hill afterwards. I heard reports of bottles thrown etc"

“The ref was unbiased and did well overall.” :joy:

“The GAA have created a fine problem for themselves now and its not Kerrys problem.”
Funnily enough it was both the GAA’s and Kerry’s problem back in the 70s/80s and when they were hammering teams in finals in the 00s, yet actually no, wait, it wasn’t a problem at all!

“Depressed … that some people think that this Dublin team is the greatest.
Convinced … that this Kerry team will be winning All Irelands for fun in the next few years.
Sad … that I have to wait for 5 months before I get to see them play again.
Inspired … as always listening to Cluxton’s passionate, rip roaring speech
Sick … that Dublin won 5 in a row
Delighted … that Diarmuid Connolly made a balls of everything he did today
Proud …”

Plenty of delusional stuff and ‘agenda’-driven stuff. The agenda that started the night Dublin had the audacity to ‘steal’ Kerry’s latest Golden Generation’s lap of honour All-Ire and all because the ref was completely biased and the GAA wanted to have Dublin win. The same agenda has driven the ever-expanding campaign against almost all referees who ref Dublin-Kerry games especially, to the point where yesterdays ‘performance’ by Lane (not to mention Dublin Gough/Green & Goughld last week) is being described as “very fair” and “not great for either side”, and yet still the conspiracy whining goes on and on and on. They’re just digging a deeper and deeper hole, they now have to face the fact their upcoming golden generation who supposedly had our number, still couldn’t beat us despite having the refs in their pocket both games and us down to 14 for half a game the first day.
I said somewhere recently that I believed once Kerry had a sniff of a win that unlike Mayo they’d go for the jugular and have the players to do it. I take that back. They did not improve on Mayo at all really overall, and ended up a much more abject rabble than anything I saw from Mayo bar possibly this year when they had sevral players over the hill and too many games played.
It’s laughable that they think 6 points flattered us, that was at least a 10 point game, 12-15 if it had been reffed properly. Every bit as bad a beating as 2015 by the end. They will have alot to think about for next year, the pressure will really start to come on, the natives will lose patience, they will be ever more obsessed with Dublin, which is of no use beyond a certain point.

And then there’s the normal delusional stuff, perhaps more a matter of opinion:
“unfortunately the Dublin goal forced us into a different plan, which stretched us. They were there for taking”
Yes, like China is there for the taking for Trump.

And then there’s the inevitable ‘Keane Out!’ stuff:

“Well lads I’ll keep it short, all this sh1t about Donie Buckley being this fantastic backs coach fell flat on its hole, Kerry backs were like a basketball team afraid to get in there and tackle just marking spaces ffs. You would have to wonder what peter Keane’s tactics were in my eyes anyway ala pump high ball into Paul with 2/ 3 guys on him and nobody there for da break and a man that changed the last two games sitting on he’s hole on the sideline. TWIN TOWERS.”
Will they ever learn??

“Keane was brutal today in my opinion, Starting young O’Conner ffs trying to do a Brian Cody with Walter Walshe in the hurling, the only thing is Cody is a smart Operatior, unlike Keane with all this yerra yerra sh1t , telling you now as a proud Kerry man it’s neither funny or smart lad.”

The in-fighting:
“Best Team of All Time”

“You have no shame”

“Shut the * up”

“Simplistic way of looking at it. There is no easy answer to that question when comparing teams over 125 years but you literally couldn’t wait to anoint Dublin. To be honest, I am embarrassed for you.”

As Churchill would say, “Ohhhhhhhhh yessshhhhh!” :smiley:

What a load of drivel

Jaysus Al, enjoy the victory savour in being aound to witness the best ever and ignore the haters. It’s not good for the soul.

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That’ll make good reading in the depths of winter, when we’re all plum tuckered out from partying. But for now, am just drinking in the joy of it all !

I don’t worry, it only serves to add an extra layer of joy! We’ve had to endure no end of ever-increasing agenda to undermine what the lads have achieved from that quarter. Now is the moment to call it.

Holy fucking jaysus the absolute bitterness.

I’m sure this day last week they were all saying how our bench was finished we had run out of players coming through, their new kids on the block would see us out the door and we were done.

Just like the national gaa media, who will probably forget everything they’ve said the last two weeks now.

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Long may they write us off.

It is also known as wishful thinking.


Most of the stuff I saw and heard was talking up Kerry big time and knocking us, but yet when it came to predictions, don’t think I saw anyone that did not back us.

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Had a look at the willieblog some bitter headbangers on it , but they would be moaning about anything to do with Dublin.
If i was a member of Vincents i will politely tell willie to rein in some of the tin foil muppets on his blog

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They did indeed, trust me. There was practically a waterfall of salivation over there at the prospect of The Great New Era, and of course bringing down the Jive For 5 against all odds. There were lads predicting this was going to be 55, 75, 78, and 09 all rolled into one. Couple of people said 10-15 point winning margin for Kerry as their bucks swept away the tired old Dublin backs and the tire robotic system and so on.

Lookit, of course at the end of the day we were big favourites, and should have been winning, but the way it has worked out, they got their hopes and expectations up big-time, they had us on the ropes big-time with the way the first game panned out, they know they got the refs no matter what anyone says, and they didn’t pull it off. And had to go through a huge replay where our lads layed it all bare, more or less. With Jack gone for the second half.

This will have compounded all the mental block issues that had been built over the last decade. And with every major game (at least in championship) they have actually compounded it much more themselves with all of the shitehawkery that has gone on around the games and around their attitude to Dublin’s success. This has begun a new generation of mental challenge for them Vs us. And the likes of Wonderboy’s dirt in the replay (the elbow, the boot) on top of his hooring of Jonny the first day are testament to that.

In case people want to dismiss what I’m saying as reverse bitterness, can you think of anything you have read or heard or seen around Kk-Tipp or Tipp-Cork, or Kk-Cork that even remotely approaches what has gone on from certain quarters and in the media wrt Dublin footballers over the last few years? The extent of it, the intinsity, the delusional levels?

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