Other shit that has no home Thread

That’s really very bizarre. It’s right beside the shore! Even if it had been further in, that’s only a pond, not even a proper lake. Police or somebody has massive questions to answer there.

Not looking too bad yourself :heart_eyes:

feck me look t the gaffs you can buy abroad compared to some kip of a bungalow in kildare

The commute to training alone would kill you @Tayto


I would of thought you where happy enough living abroad in Cork…

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But if you go to Turkey instead of Kildare you miss out on the inevitable greatest era in Lilywhite football history. Priceless


In my time I’ve eaten a bit of … naw think of the children . Up the Dubs

If u love pigs then don’t eat em. I do and I don’t


I guess I don’t love pigs or cows.

If God didn’t want us to eat them, he wouldn’t have made them so tasty.


my thoughts exactly Harry.

Meat is Murder - (tasty, tasty murder)

I’m going down to murder a rasher sandwich. Guilt? That’s for snowflakes.

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Not even Babe?? Not even the Gary Larsson cows?

Babe? That will do pig (after I have it with cabbage and roast potatoes)

Wash your mouth out with Muslim soap!!

Correct. Now off to get a breakfast roll :+1:

I don’t know how anyone could eat a lovely pig or a cow. I’d much prefer bacon or ham or steak or beef.