Other shit that has no home Thread

been in a few in the uk over the years, generally, shit beer and shit food. Cheap though. Sticky floors. full of old people making their pension go a bit further.

That doesnt seem to be his irish business model but i can;t stand the fooker so boycott all the way. Plus the idea of chain pubs is depressing.

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“…founded by a sweaty joint of gammon in a Rowley Birkin wig” :rofl:

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Do you reckon we can get him to buy cork or even Kerry! Get rid of them altogether! :grinning:

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Recently, I was in one in Manchester at 9 on a Saturday morning and in one in Liverpool at 5 on a Tuesday evening, both packed, the Brits love them.

I’d welcome them in Dublin if it was going to rattle the cages of the money grabbing bar owners in the city centre, charging €6.50/€7 for a Guinness is scandalous. Paid €4.20 for a lovely pint of Guinness in Clery’s before the game on Saturday

Always a few mobility scooters parked up outside - people in their 40’s & 50’s who’ve had legs amputated due to gout.

€2.95 for a pint, even if it’s weak warm English slop :thinking:

At least they can’t get gout again, happy days

As Bolo said above perhaps this will encourage the rip-off merchants to lower their prices.

Only thing going for it.

Was in Drawda for the fleadh yesterday. They were charging 6 euro for a pint in a plastic cup. 4 euro for a (tiny) portion of half cooked chips. Noticed a lot of people drinking cans so found the off license. Even those loads were fleecing people. 3 euro for a can of heineken!! I don’t drink Heineken in Spain because they charge 60 cent a can in the shops. Stick to my 35 cent can of Amstel all the way!


Did you rob that from an advertising slogan for “Rumours” in the early 90’s


But you can get cans of sanmigel from an indian lad in the street for less … well in Barcelona anyways

Heading up later on. Any decent pubs up there ? And is everything in plastic cups, even the porter ?

Had the sprogs with us so didn’t go into the actual pubs, just the outdoor areas that were set up. There is a place in a side street that was called Ciele Picnic or something that had a band called Moone Boys playing, played loads of Dublin songs. Didn’t see very many people drinking out of real glasses at all

Yes I can also get san miguel for 33 cent, but for the extra 2 cent I go for the Amstel as I prefer it to San Miguel


Posh boy

Craft beer snob!

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Drink driving afterwards??


Christy Ring or Alf from Home and Away ?