Paul Flynn

Superb servant to Dublin and a gentleman - he will be missed

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Amazing player for us and while I’m sad to see him go, I’m glad he isn’t going to ruin his body & health trying to achieve a physicality that maybe isn’t possible for him any more.

6 All Irelands in 12 years is some return, not to mention 4 All Stars in a row.


Terrible news! He was an awesome player, especially in the 2011 to 2014 period.


Flynner was the one man I was dying to serve a pint to when I was in coppers, but unfortunately he was one of the only guys that never darkened the door, probably says quite a lot about him :joy:


Paul Flynn has retired! Shame to see him go! What a player he was. Mr. Consistent. Best of luck to him!


Flynn was an unbelievable servant, type of player that had a bit of everything. Pleasure to see him play!

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The quintessential modern half forward, an incredible player. A beast! All the best Flynner. A shame we won’t see you on the big stage again. Thank you for it all!


He will have no issue with the physical side, the guy is a beast of a man!

Such a shame to see Flynner gone, hammered by injuries since 2015. One of the all time greats

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Ah man , that’s a tough one . All time great for Dublin.

I’ve never met the guy but he seems like a real decent bloke. That counts for more than All-Ireland medals, in my opinion. The fact that he was an all-time great for Dublin is a bonus.
On your way, Flynner, enjoy your retirement.


Fantastic player and man, gave his all every time he played. All star from 2011 to 2014 which tells you everything about his consistency and excellence. Have to say one favourite moments was when he would drop into full back in closing minutes of a game win a high ball and rev up the crowd, did it against mayo in '13 and against Donahey a few times. Well done Flynner.


Nice one Flynner, a Dublin legend.



An abiding memory there alright .Heroic stuff

Did he make his debut against Meath in Parnell Park in the infamous mill-up game?

What a footballer and an absolute gent! Well done and thanks, Paul.

Made league debut against Westmeath in 08. Think he went to midfield in that Meath game when Whelo was sent off.

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Sorry to hear he’s gone from the county footballers but a really great contribution.

Loved his goal Vs Kerry in the League Final a few years ago, imperious like alot of his play.