Paul Flynn

a great great footballer for the dubs, and walks away from what could be a historical year, couldn’t be an easy decision, best of luck for the future. one door closes another door opens

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I don’t know what his thinking was, but sometimes these records 5 in a row etc are more important to the media and fans than they are to players, I’d imagine most players want to continue as long as they feel they are a useful part of what is going on around them or as long as they are physically able for it, just hanging around to be part of a record is probably the least important thing to them.

yeah that’s probably true about records and that. I did hear months ago before rory even came back from abroad that he’s not the kind of man that really gives a fiddlers about how many all Irelands he has, but will play football as long as he’s happy playin, be it club or inter county and if he’s not he wont. maybe flynner looked at the overall picture , like game time, injuries, age and had a chat with jim and it was the right time and the right thing to do. when ye look at the age of the likes con , skully , howard, theres probably 10 yrs in the diffo, even if dermo is to come back , flynner might still be getting pushed further down the peckin order, but he owes us nothin, and walks away with a collection of medals that most fellas could only dream of , so once again the best of luck flynner, Up The Dubs

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An amazing contributor to the cause. Some unforgettable performances on some of the biggest of days for Dublin Gaa. He will be missed but he will be spoken about fondly for many many years!

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Eoin Brosnan still feeling that hit in the 2011 final nearly 8 years on.

Can’t really add much more to what has been said about Flynner, a colossus who defined the modern day Dublin footballer who would stop at nothing to help this panel in their hour of need.

Enjoy the retirement Paul.


Nothing more I can add to what’s already been posted, all I can say is thanks for the memories Paul.

Class. Class. Class. For a few years there he was the best footballer in Ireland.
We were lucky to have him. Good luck in retirement.


Sad to see a great player come to the end of his time . But what memories . Savage player . Thanks Paul and best of luck

One of the all time greats and a proud Fingallians man. Enjoy your retirement Flynner. Legend.

Timing is a bit of a surprise. Usually the retirement announcements are done by now so you get the feeling it may have been a case of, as he says pretty much in the statement, the heart being willing to go again but the body refusing to co-operate. Certainly not the kind of guy to tag along for the ride. In fairness, Gavin doesn’t strike me as the kind of man to lead anyone on either just because of what they’ve done in the past.

'Tis funny. I seem to recall some doubting thomas’s when he appeared on the scene at senior level, particularly as regards his shot-taking. The fact that his long range point-taking is the outstanding memory I have of him is a mark of how dedicated he was to putting everything into becoming the super player we all now acknowledge him to have been.

An outstanding general of this outstanding decade. Thanks, Paul.

On the timing. He was interviewed in the Sunday Times and it said this was definitely his last.

I would say the commitment in terms of training etc is prohibitive if you’re not 100%.

In fairness, I got the feeling up to now Gavin has let some of the elder statesmen on the panel decide for themselves, lads like Alan Brogan or Bastick, of course he may have made their position clear, but if they were happy with that I get the feeling he was happy to have them around, bit like Berno at the moment, doubt he will see much game time, but he has chosen to give it a go, I suppose if he rolls back the years and does it in training well he might get back in, but won’t be easy.

Saw Donaghy on Off The Boil and for all the stick he gets on here he spoke very well of Flynn. Said Flynn Dooher and Galvin were the three best WHF’s of the modern era. I’d agree 100%.

Did Flynn win 4 in a row All Stars too?

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He did. One of the very few to do it.

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Absolutely adored Flynner . Mr dependable until that pox of an injury . Some nice moments mentioned here but one stands out for me that might be forgotten. If i remember correctly it was his shot / attempt at a point that came off the bar for O’Gara to collect the rebound and bury it in the back of the net against Tyrone in 2010. That was a huge moment for Dublin in things going forward. So , cheers for that Paul , ya legend :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure how it bodes well when the replacements are about 50% as good as he was. All fine players but trying to replace the best wing forward of the modern era is a struggle .

At his best - the best wing forward of the modern era. Losing himself , Bernard , Alan makes Dublin a hell of a lot more beatable these days .

Just hope he doesn’t tarnish his legacy by trying to turn the game semi professional in his current role.

The last pass from his half back line by number 5, the lad looks familiar. A shape of things to come?


Alan retired 4 years ago , Dublin have won the 3 all Ireland’s since he retired. Bernard s contributions have been from the bench mostly in the past few seasons. I think JG team ethic is not just lip service. In time Howard might be as valuable a player as Flynn was . Think Bernard needed a few seasons to establish himself too.