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Maybe not, but he could get it in the county set up, I’m not having a go at Crokes here but I don’t see any of their players that have shown real improvement under Baker. With the right man in charge they’d be a really serious outfit.


When did Sean Moran get that good? I know he is a free man a lot of the time, but those balls he is winning arencontested ones and he is making it look easy. Very classy on the ball too. He will be a big player for us this year.


Quality player


Sean was always that good.


Seen Sean Moran play a few years ago when Daly was at the helm, couldn’t believe he wasn’t featuring for the Dubs. Didn’t get much time under Cunningham either. He’s intercounty standard no doubt about it


Always impressed when I see him, overdue a proper run with the county.


That’s what I thought actually, that can’t happen over night. I guess I just didn’t see it.


Based on what I have seen in the last two games, he wont get a run, he will be a mainstay of the side.


Shane Stapleton, Dicksboro (formally of St. Pats Palmerston-same fella right?) went well in Kilkenny championship.

Ball winning half forward - :white_check_mark:
Ability to take a score - :white_check_mark:
Bit of pace - :white_check_mark:

If it’s the same fella, the fact he’s playing out of the county shouldn’t be a deterrent to be picked.


It’s him alright. Good freetaker as well.


Just watched the Dicksboro game, that Stapleton lad is worth a try for certain unless Cody snatches him :scream:. Anybody know his age? St.Pats Palmerstown must have really missed him this year, big loss for their club.


This the same Stapleton that played u21 football for Dublin ? Tried to transfer to Lucan at 1 stage ?


Brother i believe


Is that Stapleton still playing ? Was a serious footballer underage


He played under Daly in league, don’t know about champo.


Darragh Stapleton!


From my own club I think Alan Moore could make some sort of impact at county level…

He has raw pace and an ability to beat players, doe struggle sometimes to get himself in to big games though.


What player doesn’t struggle sometimes from what I have seen Moore would definitely be worth a look at but in what position at inter county