Player watch


I would really like to know how good Con is on the big stage. I think he is the Alan Cadogen / Shane O’Donnell class but unfortunately we will probably not know as dual players are a no-go now and he will stick with the big ball.


I think he’s better then those two to be honest. He would be better st winning his own ball. I always thought O Donnell just lived off loose ball, although he did prove me wrong a bit this year.

When we played an exceptional Waterford minor team in the AI qf in O Callaghans minor year - Waterford were deserved winners as they had the best 15. But we had the best two on the field in I Callaghan and Mc Bride


Who caught the eye today lads? How did McHugh fair for Na Fianna?

Had a quick glance at the line ups, died all teams line out as selected? Seemed to be a lot of lads either on the bench or abscent. Paul Ryan Peter Kelly Conor McCormack. AJ Murphy Sean mclelland off the top of my head, Ryan ODwyer another


Paul winters display in the last round was the standout for me . I didn’t see any player in Parnell today outside current county players who’d add anything


McHugh was poor enough today


AJ won’t play ball this side of the new year and Ryan O’Dwyer out with a quad,


McClelland no longer hurling at all believe it or not. Ryan came on for second half and looked sharp.


Didn’t know McClelland had given up, always liked him as player, very strong. How old is he @Rico ?


He is 23 - may come back next year.


That’s why it’s such a shame he got the line today, could’ve got brigids over the line.

Fergal Whitley got another 4 from on play, seems in Good form.


Brilliant minor but no application at senior level unfortunately




Thems the breaks in an amateur sport, some lads will just lose interest or change priorities as they get older.


Very true…watching Ger Dodrill and Kevin Byrne this season you’d wonder how good they might have been had they been in a position to fully commit.


Dodrill real loss to Dubs, would love to see him out, great reader of the game and strong at winning ball.


Agree. Dodrill a cracking hurler. Pity really.


What age is he now?


Don’t know. @Sam_11 how old is Ger now?


25 this year. Should be given a chance by the next management IMO


Has been asked out before hasn’t he?