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I was involved in an underage squad back on the day. Fergal Whitely, Cian Hendricken, Eoghan Conroy etc were involved plus players who are now on the senior panel. Alex Considine from Crokes stood out. If he had been given ball when he played minor, for Dublin he’d have beaten teams on his own. The other was Matthew Oliver from Na. Fianna. He is studying in Scotland and plays for the club inters now and again. I hope he comes back!!


How about the younger Currie, he was something else for the minors this summer, worth bringing in to get him training? Not thrown in. Or leave him off with the u21s.


I like the height of that half back line though. I have seen Crummy at midfield with the club and he did well there, so maybe an option.

I would like to see a really good ball carrier in the half backs or midfield though. Sometimes it is the best option to just run with the ball, and it isn’t something Dublin have really had in a while. I am all for a clever pass to a team mate, but it’s not always on.


Ye thats why Kelly was brilliant at wing back…quality under the high ball and lightning quick.


Looks really really good…can win his own ball too which we simply don’t have enough of. If he isn’t doing the leaving could be worth a punt just to have him in training to get him used to the physicality.


Maybe not at wing back! But how is Darrie Plunkett going these days! Alway saw him as a very good ball carrier with lots of speed!


That was his limit though I feel. He was quick as hell and carried well. Always felt his paw/physicality and stickwork let him down. His pace often covered his limitations up though. I’d say Giller will have a look at all these guys. Knowing his form, he will hold trials again and scour the county for his type of hurler. Who knows, Daire might be that type!


Not sure Crummy lacks pace, thought he was the best player on display in OToole Park 2 weeks ago. Brialliant under the high ball, physically very strong and delivered huge cleareances time after time. Also scored 2 points from centr back which he does regularly for Dublin.


Thought he was the best player on show that day too. Controlled the game and very vocal. A real leader. I think I’d have him at 6. Someone mentioned here before that Rushe has been found out at 6 by teams. A nippy player can run him easily enough. A smart player can move away from the centre, like Canning did. Rushe looked very indecisive when this happened. If a CF stands on the 40 this will suit Rushe down to the ground, but any manager worth their salt will not do this.
How about Rushe at 3 or MF? He could be strong and dominant at 3. He could be a good match for the like of Ben Quinn at MF, and play a more anchoring role.


Wouldn’t have thought crummy lacked pace either.

What about winters?


Crummy is developing into a good player but big difference doing it in the tiny environs of o toole park and doing it against pacey forwards in thurles or croke park.


More pace than Rushe I think. Picks up stupid yellows due to awkwardness in tackle


I’d like to see some of those good younger players develop on a good u20/21 setup for the most part as Tipp and Kk have done. Will that setup be controlled by seniors also? A lot of those mentioned players have excellent potential but even with our best ones as we saw last year they will be eaten alive come real championship without proper development.


Or involved previously and didn’t deliver??


Your stating it like its a fact. Not much in it either way. Rushe is 27 and a double all star winner at centre back… id leave him where he is, he’s done dominated the best in the game at centre back and should be in his prime now. Crummy developing nicely but not near that level yet.


I think the development squads have been very successful in choosing the best of talent that’s available. I’m not sure there are any hidden gems out there but here’s hoping. Having a pick even from the best players in the county will be a major plus for Pat.


To my eyes I think it is a fact whether i otoole park or thurles crummy is faster over first 5 and I would think better in the air than the Liam Rushe we saw in 2016 and 2017.

Hopefully Rushie can be reinvigorated for 2018. He should be in his prime now.

Either way both players will be cornerstones of the team injury permitting for next few years


Not a hope is Crummy better in the air. Anyway they’ll both start…its further up the field where the uncertainty of who nails down a position begins. Starting in the middle of the park.


One rf other could be there for the league in absence of natural midfielders .

I am comparing the current Rushe not the all star winner re aerial ability but it won’t matter to either of us as we won’t be playing or picking


He’s been on the panel all this year and the latter end of last year. Definitely deserves a run out in the league.