Player watch


Eoin mcloughlin has been exceptional for Judes the last few years. Would rate him well ahead of FORB.


What a load of nonsense .


Won’t know if he’s not given a chance

The panel will need more than just the 2 current half backs you know !!

Tomas is playing out of his skin this year so will definitely be looked at no matter what some people’s opinion of him is , and rightly so as every player who is going well should.


Gilroy is submitting plans to the county board, wouldn’t be surprised if he holds trials.


Bart, you know everything and are on the inside, I presume you can tell us if trials are in Gilroys plans???


You’re not part of the inner circle here so unfortunately you’ll need to rely on Niall Scullys bulletins


Think all of judes hurling would have Eoin way ahead of Forb


Since when did they let you in? Lads, really? You let Bart in and not me?!


I know I’m biased but in Parnells this year we played most games with 13 or 14 local lads and only 1 played under age for Dublin there are one or two others that are playing very well that wouldn’t be to far from county standard and that’s just Parnells just because the minor manger at the time didn’t rate them that shouldn’t rule them out for senior


At the very least like was done with the football a few years back gilroy should hold a couple of trial games and take a look at some of the players out there for me the crumlin number 6 this year don’t know his name was very good and the wing forward from olafs was very good and Raheny midfielder best player in senior b final


Lucan and Vincents both have a few players yesterday who wouldn’t have been in the reckoning before (I think) with Dublin but could be. The Lucan number 11 was very good, as was the other (younger) Crummy. Moore of Vincents looked good too and Cian McBride. There were other guys that have the hurling but look as if the would need a lot of work on conditioning to make it to inter county. Club hurling is well of club football in terms of fitness levels (even at All Ireland club level).


Are you taking the p1ss about the Lucan 11?


Has to be a wind up.


The number 11?


I’m referring to the other Crummy, maybe he wasn’t 11.




Who actually wasn’t the wreck that he is supposed to be - I thought he did well enough for a guy without a lot of hurling.


There was a craaaazy typo on the match programme. But Lucan 11 was Peter Kelly.:joy:


He did alright but he’s not going to be playing inter county hurling again unfortunately


I wasn’t sure, but looking at him yesterday I think he will. Sure, based on yesterday’s performance you wouldn’t be parachuting him straight onto a Dublin 15. But given where he is now, and where he was in the past, the gap isn’t as big as I thought it might be.

I can’t account for the fact that he might not want to do it, or that Gilroy might not want to spend the extra time on him he needs. But if everything is right, it’s doable.