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Is Boland injury free yet? I had my back to the Raheny/Plunketts game on Sunday so didn’t get to see if he was playing or not


No didn’t play, I believe he’s still injured


Bart, it doesn’t matter what people post you find a negative or smart arse comment.
I simply asked the question. If we’d a team full on Shefflins you’d still gripe.
Two things 1) You’re just Trolling this site or 2) You’re just not a happy bunny.


I heard he had serious accident.


Knee problem flared up again. Hoping to get it sorted now for once and for all. Just got a scholarship to dcu I think.


Poor chap can’t catch a break, he’s been perpetually injured for about 3 years now.


its really tough and just shows how fine a line for elite athletes whether they make it or end up broken by injuries


You can’t escape what transpired so try answering the question next time round

The best of that panel is already on the squad . At least 5 of them have played for the seniors so how many more are you expecting


Reading the interviews with him there last week, he didn’t seem to have any doubts he would be ok for next year. He has that patella tendonitis thing, I had it at one stage and it as sore as ****, but I didn’t think it should take as long as this to clear up. It seems one of Gilroys first tasks needs to be ensuring guys are getting the correct treatment plans and given every opportunity to come back.


He could do worse than reaching out to Chris Bennett as well, hopefully after the summer off he’ll have the aul’appetite back.


Maybe you should have another look at my original post.

You seem to take pieces from others posts or opinions that you can comeback with a Negative.


I tend to recall the reality of 20 wides and Madden and Mc Gabann bailing out the forwards


Same question still applies…


I think we got a very good quota already from a good but not great side


How is he going with the club does anyone know?


Stone overweight and playing at 30 percent of his ability . Interest may be gone


Well we knew he was taking the summer off hurling altogether, so that’s not a surprise. Whether he decides to get back into it or not is the question. A good winters training and you can lose a stone no bother.


Dublin need him . With Schutte gone it’s a must .


Depends whether he has his mojo back - fingers bloody crossed.


with due respect to the lad, he played one exceptional intercounty SHC vs Cork, one exceptional game vs Westmeath at u21, was poorish in subsequent u21 intercounty and has been basically struggling with injuries since then, through over use by both club adult and underage and intercounty underage managerments…

let him get fit enough to be playing good club hurling before putting too much weight or expectation on him