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He’s been a star since he was 16. Playing senior championship since he was 16. A natural corner forward . He played most of that 21 campaign injured
Dublin don’t have many natural inside corner forwards. This isn’t Tipperary and when the dust settles Gilroy might be sitting in a dark room asking himself what he got himself into


if you read what i said i highlighted over use by club adult as one of the major contributory factors of his injury malaise like that bullshit. What he did at u16 or indeed minor bears no relevance to a senior intercounty career

look at his career outside of minor and you will see the performances i mentioned as the only examples of he maybe making it

hes s fine prospect if returning to fitness so let him do that first


I think the same. He had 2 very good games, one at u21 one at senior versus cork. Never stood out playing minor. Doesn’t look interested in playing county. Has all the skills but lacks consistency and probably interest. Hopefully he fulfills his potential.


The senior one was at senior championship level . That supercedes everything for me because it’s far more difficult to look good at the highest level of the game


It was an outstanding performance and that gives hope that he is capable of great things but lots of players have played well once. Ive seen him play quite a bit and seems to lack consistency whether that is due to interest or not who knows. But its consistency seperates the very good from the mediocre. Hopefully the interest is there but ive huge doubts that it is.


Yeah I’d agree he doesn’t look interested at present . But it’s easier to lose a nedser then acquire natural talent so I still have hope


The annoying thing is is the ability he showed in Cork. He won his own ball and put it over the bar and any fella who can do that from a Dublin hurling viewpoint seems to go the football route.


He needs to work on his striking off BOTH sides. Fast lad,


I’ve seen him play from u.14 and he’s an exceptional talent, and I’d agree he was overused at Club level IMO.
If he has lost the grá for Hurling, I for one would be trying to get him back in Dubs Jersey, fully fit and injury free. I agree with @CDG, there is something’s to be worked on with him, and agree with Bart ( there I said it ), I’d have him in to replace Schutte. He is up to Inter County standard and would be a huge loss to us.


Jaysus don’t be saying to replace schutte…we need the 2 schuttes and everyone else.


And the rest …


Lets hope Pat’s re-recruitment policy is going well.


Young lad out in Tallaght with ST Marks, has potential, OCallaghan is his name. Hopefully he’ll be involved


Dotsie 35 next season. Would be great to see him involved in some capacity. Great attitude. The likes of Durkin McCaffrey and maybe Plunkett will be looked at if going ok. Beggars can’t be choosers at this stage.


Glenn Whelan from BSJ is worth another look in my opinion. Fantastic at fielding puck outs.


Hope he’s a better hurler than his namesake is a footballer …


One thing is for sure, the panel needs to be huge IMO. There is serious talent in Dublin at the moment. If some of the older lads mentioned above are asked back into it, I would be hoping that’s for the short term, to get back up and running.

I would think we need to have massive competition for places now and for me, that’s what the bigger panel is about. We need to have a 5 year plan for this and then make sure its sustainable.

We badly badly need to develop forwards or upskill the lads that are there. That is the single biggest issue for me.


I think midfield is the area that needs most addressing meself.


I think serous talent is stretching it

I see us being the same as the Dublin football team under Carr. A lot of players at the same standard and very few with star quality


That’s fine as long as the ‘comfort zone’ of “ah I’m on the county panel” doesn’t kick in. If the 21s are run right it caters for development of players in a strong setup also. Look at the amount of players we have gotten off the 15/16 teams. Rushing lads into a senior setup without deserving it can also work the opposite way.