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Have many of the fringe squad players played many club games bar championship over the last couple of years? If they are not getting games with Dublin and not getting club games how would they develop that bit of sharpness. I know the argument of training games with Dublin would be better than playing with their clubs but that one doesn’t stick with me


I don’t think Pat Gilroy will let that mindset creep in. Think it’ll be big panel, and players fighting for positions with a passion to play.


They doing the nativity?


Depends on who you are comparing it to. By the great recent kilkenny teams standard no. but by Dublin standard i think we’ve got quite a few options, if everyone comes back, would hope we can mould a team as good as Daly’s were in their pomp. Hopefully a bit more consistent.


Is the passion not Easter? (Sorry, Christian Brothers education)


Absolutely correct - my bad. Time of year confused me … tis the Resurrection and the like … as the Stone Roses might say …


You’re not having a good Friday, are you?


Well ya know what I mean though. We’re producing a higher number of county standard players. I do take your point that they could end up being as average as the next, but I guess my point is, if it’s planned out and players are seriously looked at for possible potential, then we’re going forward.

Galway were very avaerage in 2012/13…


fixed it…Bloody grammar and spelling police


in fairness galway drew the first day in 2012 vs whats rated one of the greatest teams ever and arguably left it behind them

your very average is very high by my standards


Ok, I’ll give you 2012, but in 2013 they were average.

I just think we can get this going properly with the resources we have provided it’s planned out properly.


I’ll Passover that comment …


Id go as far to say I believe Whitely and Cronin would be starters for us this year based on what I’ve seen of them. Thats just my prediction and opinion. I think both have a serious skill set that we should take full advantage of. I didnt think Cronin was as good as he was until I seen him play this year coupled with his performances for Cuala in the All Ireland campaign last year.
On top of that we need M.Schutte back, I heard from a reliable source a few weeks back he is giving the football a go for a full year as he only came in late in the season gone, doesn’t mean that cant change in the near future but I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up.
Rian McBride is another player that should push for a start this year or at least feature heavily as a sub, has great potential.
Might be a year too soon for C.Sullivan but time will tell.
On Danny, we just dont know what level he is at nowadays should he come back.
A forward line with McBride, Cronin, Whitely, Dillon, M Schutte, and Burke would give me hope for the league campaign at least.


McBride to midfield and Danny in for me, have to try and get Danny up to speed ASAP. Might move Burke to midfield as well and have o’sullIvan in there, or alex quinn who was in great form this year has pace and can take a score.


On current form cian o Sullivan for me is the best young hurler in the county . Why we’d have to wait another year I’m not sure
He’s ahead of Mc bride and whitely for me . Mc bride has all the tools but he’s a midfielder and he’s in danger of becoming a jack of all trades and master of none


Young Conroy also. He had one great game for us last year then disappeared after the KK league game.


Only if you play him closer to goal. Serious pace, bad habit of running in a straight line with the ball on the hurl. Easily tackled against better opposition.
Would really only put him at 13 or 15. Doesn’t like marking his man so he’s safe there.
McBride anywhere from 8-12. Shoots on sight, which is fine when it’s on. Needs total focus.


Think McBride is a good bit of stuff, sure he could do with a bit of fine tuning but great attitude.


Burke has great skill but ive seen him a number of times and his lack of pace(he looks injured/bad knees or something) possibly from being overplayed could go against him. I dont think his legs would last the pace at midfield i sincerely hope im wrong because hes a great bitta stuff. Looked lost last year at midfield v kilkenny in u21 and against kilkenny in parnell park he was excellent(in full forward line) but could hardly walk let alone run for most of the second half but wasnt taken off.


Agree on Mcbride and the shooting on sight…id play him half forward where at least if he gets the ball he wont be too far from goal. All the makings of a good player. Done real damage in u21 last year when moved closer to goal.