Premier League 2016/17


Maecus Rashford, cheat.
That’s it.


Because there’s never been any like him before or there’ll never be others to follow him…


Ashley Young in waiting?


And I’ll call them all out as I see them.
The irony of Glen Hoddle and Michael Owen on BT Sport saying it shouldn’t have been a penalty. In the 1998 WC, Hoddle, as England manager, admitted telling Owen to hit the deck as soon as he felt contact.
But Rashford yesterday clearly stuck his foot out to ensure contact off a goalkeeper who clearly did not foul him. There should be retrospective bans for such incidences.


No stress @beeko, I’m not disagreeing with you in any shape or form. Was just saying that there are many more than Rushford out there & I would very much have my doubts that the powers that be will do much about it.


Diving is a bigger blight on the game than “professional fouling” and needs to be dealt with, as such. Red cards (retrospective, if need be) and appropriate bans are the only way.
As an aside, my annoyance with yesterday was much more to do with what it my ultimately cost Swansea than what it may cost Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal or what it may benefit Man Uttd.


I’d be amazed that anybody would expect ANY integrity or sportsmanlike behaviour by any soccer player. Really.

The odd time that someone does anything that resembles anything sportsmanlike it is lauded beyond belief … which proves how rare it is …


Can’t agree with that. At least as many unpunished fouls as punished dives. And many punished fouls still prevent scores and spoil games


Would you rather a 4-4 draw from eight penalties, all won by dives? A game doesn’t necessarily need lots of goals to be entertaining. Good defending and goalkeeping can be as entertaining. Lots of fouls are committed by genuine attempts to play the ball. This has been recognised now with the ruling that a player in the last line of defence who fouls an opponent no longer receives a red card provided they were making a genuine attempt to play the ball. Compared to a dive, well, a dive is cheating and also an attempt to have an opponent sent off.


So you’re saying that lots of fouls, not the ‘genuine attempt’ sort, aren’t cheating? Or you’re just ignoring those? Or taking them for granted as they aren’t high profile like dives?

Have you forgotten that the reason things changed in soccer was because alot of fouling was designed to stop more skillful players any which way, often injuring them in the process?

Fouls that stop almost certain goals aren’t as bad as dives that lead to penalties?


Most intended fouls are carried out knowing they’ll be seen and deservedly punished. Divers are looking to get their opponents sent off. That’s worse in my view.


I have to say, Jermaine Defoe is not one of my most favourite players but he really has to be admired for how he has taken this little fighter to heart…


Ah Beeko, you know well there’s millions of sneaky fouls intended to evade detection. Look I dislike diving as much as anyone but let’s keep things in proportion, the sort of fouling done by less talented teams to beat more talented ones is one of the main, if not the main blights on games


PL looking at introducing retrospective bans for diving from next season, apparently.

Anyway… how many PL titles has Mourinho won for Chelsea now?


Think it is fair game.
if you dive and win a peno - then a ban , if your diving for free kicks the whole time , 10 or so should get you a ban


I wouldn’t distinguish between a penalty won from a dive than a free-kick won from a dive. Bans should be applied in both cases.


less likely to get a free outside the peno box for contact in the box that is a stone wall peno in my opinion


So will there be retrospective bans for sneaky fouls, and off the ball dragging and holding etc? A dive for a peno I get, but otherwise this is getting into ridiculous realms, muchly. It’s going to be huuuuuuuge!




Where’s our former esteemed resser, Clayton, when you need him? This bloke was his favourite footballer.