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Rooney finalises the deal

Manchester United Thread

They forgot to include the number of Granny’s he has rode


“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…" :wink:


Well if that’s the case I got bricked out of it years ago…


Knew I recognised you from Barry’s Hotel…


Shit… I thought my disquise was bullet proof.


All joking aside , is Rooney past it at this stage .
Looks like a nice holiday for a year or two .


How long of a deal did he get?


3 & 1/2 year deal i see reported .
His new team are bottom of the league .


3.5 years, they’re optimistic!!! He in fairness has a lot of miles on the clock, besides the grannies, he made his debut at 16.


Was that football or the granny? :grin:


I’m not a fan of the Rooney or the UTD as my two brothers are and I’m a fan of a team in the Real League, the Championship!!! His love of GILF’s is a distraction!!!


I reckon the wannabe Beckhams at play here … war office dictating.

Tis all a little ironic … he’s a little too young to be on the wane … while the grannies were a little too old to be on the Wayne.


So who’s the top three this season coming? I’ll go with Man C, Spurs, Man U. Or a real surprise packet in 3rd, Liverpool for example.


Mourinho to be gone by Christmas!


Mo Salah has signed a new five year deal with Liverpool.


Wilshire to West Ham :eyes:
Thoughts @Rochey ?


Good luck to him! No great loss to Arsenal really. Decent player, and I wish him well.


Broke their transfer record , £60m.


they would pay that in wages over the length of a contract