Premier League 2019/2020

City to do 3 in a row?

Liverpool to finally end the 30 year famine?

Spurs to step up and compete with the top 2?

Lampard and Solksjaer out of their depth?

Who knows with Arsenal?


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High hopes for spurs this season, it will help that the majority of the starting 11 will get a preseason and we are home now that stadium is done and dusted.

Plus we signed a player.

Dont think lfc will go as strong again, that in turn will have city dropping points too.

Two lads will be out of their depth at Chelsea and United.

Who knows about arsenal, things aren’t rosy in that garden

Really interested to see how Leandro Trossard will do with Brighton this year. I saw him at least 2 dozen times with Genk last season and he was superb. Took over the captaincy after Alejandro Pozuelo left for MLS (Toronto FC) not on the best terms with the club and showed the leader he was helping Genk win the title. Definitely has the talent to make the step up.

Also Wesley Moraes joining Aston Villa in the summer. Had some very good games in the UCL Group Stage with Club Brugge. Powerful forward.

You only seen him two dozen times

Just reading about Koscielny’s madness on twitter. He’s the last lad I expected to do a “strike” on the club. He’s under contract, he’s expected to do what the club want and show up for pre season. Madness. They’re all spoiled brats. Bring back the days of honour in the crest and desire for the club that the likes of Adams, Bergkamp and their ilk showed. The premiership is a cess pit of money and head turning now more than a sporting group.

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Super Frank certainly not out of his depth with Chelsea . Some manager he is

Peter Crouch has announced his retirement.
A player who made the most of his (limited) ability and someone who I actually think knows and realises who lucky he was.

When asked what he would be if he wasn’t a professional football player, Peter Crouch responded with: “A virgin”.

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Always comes across as good crack!

Nice job by Leicester getting Youri Tielemans on a permanent deal from Monaco after he was on loan with the foxes in the winter. Alongsde Ndidi they have one of the stronger midfields in the Premier League now.

Talk about that all right - not sure if he is worth that money - 30 years old and injury prone.

Take him on a free all right