Recommend a movie / documentary


Slightly different from the going to the pictures or uroys thread . Just recommendations for good movies or documentaries that you think might interest people . Or any particular movie or doc you might see on TV , download , Netflix , etc .
I’m always on the look out for interesting stuff that might be off my radar . You can rate it too .

Along for the Ride
Documentary about Dennis Hopper . Never realised how interesting a life he led . I really only knew him from Easy Rider & True Romance . Had no idea he was tortured by his art .


Great idea for a thread! I’d recommend a cult classic, ‘Withnail and I’, an extremely funny film set in 80s England about two unemployed actors who go on the lash! The script, by Bruce Robinson, is better than anything that would be around these days.

Also ‘Cal’…because Helen Mirren is in it! A film about the troubles, notable for the fantastic soundtrack which was written by Mark Knopfler.


Bobby Sands : 66 days

It’s on Netflix at the moment

Can’t recommend it highly enough


Agreed, you can watch it 20 times and always pick up something new from it


Highly reccomend any of espns 30 for 30 series.
Watched a 3 part documentary on the Boston celtics LA Lakers rivalry recently. Easily one of the best sports documentaries I’ve ever watched. It’s called “Celtics Lakers, best of enemies”. You don’t need an interest in NBA to enjoy it. It’s set in the 80s. It describes how the rivalry between the teams saved the NBA and directly shaped what we know it as today. The race war in America is played out through the rivalry of each teams top player, Larry Bird v Magic Johnson, who entered the draft in the same year. East coast v West Coast, blue collar v Hollywood. It’s a real sports rivalry (unlike the united v Liverpool one we see today for example where the two teams seldom challenged each other for major honours) the teams met umpteen times in the championship game and they currently hold the number one and two all time number of championships won. General hatred still there today between the guys from both teams telling the story. Captivating watch


Cal was a great film. Also featured a very young John Lynch and Donal McCann.

Soundtrack also featured Paul Brady and the recently departed Liam O’Flynn.


Most Irish movies tend to be overpraised by our own reviewers and I think we’ve all had that let down feeling after watching some of the hyped up releases over the years.
But a couple of really good ones: I watched Garage again recently and it is brilliant. Great performance from Pat Short in a serious role. Sing Street is also very good and it’s on Netflix.


Agree about garage, but I found it seriously depressing.
My go-to feel good Irish movie is either the snapper or the commitments!


Barkley Marathons

2 great documentaries on Netflix.


Midnight Run and Carlito’s Way. The ‘peak’ of both De Niro and Pacino of what I’d call in between their really serious great roles, and their much later stuff. I think it’s a shame the roles De Niro has ended up with the last 15 years or more in his biggest movies but Midnight Run was where the humour and action were brilliantly balanced.
Carlito’s Way is just a great-looking, great sounding movie with a well-known story that is always a great story.


The documentary on The Mammtrasna murders in Galway was on last week and I’ve recorded it. It’s supposed to be excellent. Five members of a family were brutally murdered and three men hanged, two of whom were innocent.
My brother told me that one of the descendents (of the victims?) was a man called Joyce who played football for Dublin. He’s interviewed in the programme, looking forward to this.


Really enjoyed The Barkley Marathons.

Other adrenaline sport docs that I enjoyed on Netflix-

  • Finding Traction - along the lines of The Barkley Marathons.
  • Valley Uprising - The rise of mountain climbing in Yosemite.
  • Deeper. Higher. Further - 3 snowboarding docs by Jeremy Jones

Not on Netflix any longer -

  • Where the Trail Ends - Mountain Biking doc. Similar to Jeremy Jones snowboarding docs, only for mountain biking :grin:


Saw that , was brilliant .


Great choices . Midnight Run is hilarious . I’ve always liked Charles Grodin & the banter between himself & De Niro is brilliant .The theme music is great too & really adds to the road movie theme .
I think it’s one of De Niros better films been honest .
Carlitos Way just has a real cool vibe off it with the slimy Sean Penn putting in a good performance too .


Parked is a good watch , Colm Meaney in it .

Absolutely loved Intermission when it came out . Meaney is great in it , craics me up when the film guy is doing a piece about him & shadows him while on duty . Also his love of Clannad :laughing:


Went through a Philip Seymour Hoffman phase recently. If you’re a fan check out Jack Goes Boating, The Late Quartet (was on RTE last week), and God’s Pocket. Three lesser known films but all with a strong cast.

Documentaries I recommend are Atari: Game Over (about the game Atari buried), and King of Kong.


Cut throat life of racking up high scores .
The Atari one was about them burying the E T game ?


Yeah I’d watch Colm Meaney in anything. Same goes for Jim Broadbent. La Weekend is on Netflix and I enjoyed that recently. It’s hard to find good movies on Netflix, you have to search like you’re in a second hand record shop. Either you’ve seen them or you don’t want to.


Burying and digging up years later.


Garage is brilliant.
Another favourite Irish film of mine would be This Is My Father. Great performances from James Caan, Aidan Quinn and Colm Meaney. Great cameos from Pat Shortt, Brendan Gleeson, Eamon Morrissey and Stephen Rea, to name but a few.