Recommend a movie / documentary


Flatley looks very like Robert Vaughan in that poster.


Patrick Bergin looks great in the poster


The hat suits him, alright.


Very enjoyable insight into Kubrick’s personal driver & all round assistant. Kubrick was very demanding by all accounts which caused issues between the assistants wife & Kubrick.


Kubrick was demanding of everyone but most people speak of being happy to accept the demands because the experience of working with him was unique. Even people who admitted that they would never work with him again said that at the same time they were glad of having had the experience. Up there with the greatest of all time and possibly in with a claim for the title.


I heard people who work with yourself say the same thing @alanoc


The assistant said he only watched Kubrick’s films many years later .Kubrick asked him which one he liked , the guy says Spartacus.Kubrick replies " i didn’t think much of it " . Gas all the same.
Genius no doubt .


2001 A Space Odyssey is his greatest work in my opinion. It hasn’t dated, like nearly all other science fiction films have.
I remember going to see Barry Lyndon in the Savoy in about 1975. The Savoy had just been divided into 4 cinemas and the joke went that some disgruntled punter , twenty minutes into Barry Lyndon, had shouted 'where’s this fucken shark '? ( Jaws was on in Savoy 2)


Brilliant film. Loved the books and the sequels even 2010. I though moon was very like 2001.


13 hours.


Moon was very good too. Barry Norman called 2010 " ten past eight " on his BBC Film programme!


Ha! Was a hard act to follow. But I was a big fan of Arthur c Clarke’s writing so I didn’t care… Helen mirren in her pomp what more could ya ask for?




Exactky and with that Russian accent.


Patrick Bergin , an actor so bad he can t do an Irish accent properly(patriot games) and he is from drimnagh ffs.




Took the eldest lad to see Jurassic world this evening. Avoid it if you can, it’s pure dross. Even he thought it was meh, and he loves Dinos!


Including you?




2010 did exactly what Kubrick deliberately avoided doing in 2001. It pissed all over a classic and for all Clarke’s praising Kubrick it didn’t stop him cashing in on his collaboration with him.