Repeal the 8th - Poll


yeah , something that was mentioned this morning , i had a google and didn’t see it anywhere - but its a valid point


I think the vast majority of No voters and even campaigners would agree and there have been calls for them to stop. They will still be around after the vote I would imagine one way or the other


it looks like the 8th isn’t an issue in relation to medical negligence anyway


I believe they’ve been the subject of a lot of debate within the No camp. Apart from handing people a stick to beat them with, tactically their use has been questionable. With such a deficit in the polls, the best chance of a No victory lies in a low turnout and the hope that a lot of people inclined to vote Yes don’t actually bother doing so on the day. The more confrontational and offensive the No campaign is deemed to be in the minds of the likely (as opposed to confirmed) Yes voter, the less the chance of that happening.


Like most catholics the poster i found most offencive is of a landscape photo showing the remains of an aborted foetus
It wasnt Nailed to a structure of any kind but was held by 2 men. we dont know who is responsible for the aforementioned image.
I can no longer engage in this debate for fear my lack of intelligence may indeed cause more than myself to vote in such a way alowing harm to be brought to the unborn.


Its the ICBR, they’re an offshoot of an American pro-life organisation.


I see the Yes side have being using Savitas face on some posters. They have been torn down in some parts of the city


To be fair, the No side are using her face too on posters.


A young kid walks past that and sees some woman on a poster. Besides, her family have consented to the use of her photo by Repeal campaigners. Hardly comparable.


I wasn’t comparing it to anything, I know the yes side are struggling with this but no need to be so defensive with me. I’m voting yes


Can’t understand the No side using it?


Sorry, thought you were posting in response to the earlier comments on the aborted foetus posters.


Can only imagine they are trying to say that the repealing of the 8th wouldn’t have saved her.


It’s a strange tactic as it has been linked as one of the main causes but I guess that it might sway some who won’t check the facts (similar to most campaign posters)


On that Claire Byrne debate both sides argued different version of events. Yes side said if the 8th amendment wasn’t there she would be alive and well while the no side argued that it didn’t play any part in her death. I thought it was quite disrespectful to be honest although I know Savitas family have been vocal in support of repeal


Repeal the 8th has divided the nation, families, friends and even lovers! FWIW I am voting Yes. This is purely based on the fact that abortions will continue but not on our shores, it will make it more difficult and stressful for women to make that journey whether or not they have support if a No vote is returned. I am a father to a girl and I feel this vote is also for her in the future god forbid she ever has to make that decision. BTW way I’m an adopted 50 something that everyone assumes will vote No due to me being adopted. I do not agree on abortion in principal, but this vote is really not about the actual act of abortion.


I don’t understand how it could be disrespectful if it is the truth. There is no debate, the Independent author of the report clearly stated Savita would still be alive and nobody would know her name had it not been for the restrictions associated with the 8th amendment. In fact I think that doctor is a guest on Matt Cooper this evening after 4.30pm.

What I found most disrespectful was Mattie McGrath shouting down the argument like he was at a football match after a few pints on the basis that he’d had ‘‘a phone call about it this evening from a doctor’’.


I don’t understand how it could be disrespectful if it is the truth

I can see the No side using that mantra


The No side have no credibility using the Savita case. Everything they have said has already been proven to be untrue and then with Savita’s family recording a video and pleading with the people of Ireland to Vote Yes to ensure nobody else suffered like Savita did that just copper fastened things.


No I mean I can see them defending some of their actions by simply saying ‘well its the truth’ like in the case of the graphic posters etc…

What I meant by disrespectful was how the bickering took place on national TV. Both sides using her death to score points in a debate, worse even was the No side not even giving the correct facts about it.