Repeal the 8th - Poll


This is very true with regards people not checking facts beyond what’s on the posters or the most popular soundbites. I was talking to a lad in work the other day, someone I would regard as pretty well educated and intelligent, who declared that he had been uncertain about how to vote but had decided to opt for a no vote on the grounds that ‘some doctor’ was on the radio and said that Savita hadn’t died because she didn’t have an abortion, but because she had sepsis. I tried to explain that one situation had lead to the other, and that this had been pointed out in the official report, but given the fact that I wasn’t a doctor on the radio he remained unconvinced by me.


That’s the problem with giving equal time to both sides, the truth shouldn’t have to give equal footing to bullshit.

(Not saying all the no argument is bullshit, just that kind of stuff - he shouldn’t be able to spout misinformation unchallenged)


Thanks to McKenna and other judgments you have to give each side 50/50.


Cora Sherlock has told RTE she is not available for debate tonight … No side nominating Maria Steen instead … RTE saying No …


I read its because she appeared on Claire Byrne? SF have Peader Tobin on campaigning for a No vote according to


It’s meant to be 2v2.

Simon Harris and Prof Mary Higgins v Peadar T and AN Other now


The Save the 8th spokesman John McGuirk said that RTÉ was “playing outrageous games” and that it would not allow the broadcaster to “do to us what they did to Seán Gallagher”.

Snivelling little shit.


Harris v Toibin now apparently.


I’d like another look at Maria Steen…with the sound turned down.


Are you saying she should be Steen and not heard?


That’s little children you’re thinking of. But definitely not foetus’s!


DUB 09 you are a ledge!


Maria Steen has withdrawn from tomorrow night’s #PKshow debate.

— Gavan Reilly (@gavreilly) May 22, 2018


If there was more withdrawals at short notice, there’d be no need for a referendum.




Looking at this debate on Prime Time - and it’s good and quite respectful - but it’s just dawned on me … two men debating abortion.

Then I realised - sure we’re in Ireland.


Have men no opinion? That’s the irony of feminism coming from a male person’s mouth… (Note I didn’t call you a man!) :slight_smile:


I have never been more sure that Yes is the only option. I hope the Repeal side wins. If it doesn’t, things are going to get very ugly in this country.

And it kills me to say it but Simon Harris was excellent tonight- and he won hands down in my opinion.


Surely it’s a predominately female issue no?


You may laugh. This is the truth. When we got married in the summer of '03, we had to attend a pre-marriage course, which probably 75% of the course was on natural family planning. Me, a registered practitioner and herself a PhD in biological science…

Anyway, we explained this to the (very nice and pleasant) volunteer giving the course. Halfway through, she gave up as we disagreed on what she was saying and she said she wouldn’t grant us the licence to get married. We laughed and walked out. The Parish priest apologised for the course when we explained what happened. He was a solid, decent caring man, who took the church’s literal guidance and tore it up.

My point is, some people will believe what their leaders (the Catholic Church) will tell them to believe. I am a man of faith, but also a man of education. I make my own mind up. I wavered for a while, I considered not voting at all, but remembered my aulfella would turn in his grave if he heard that. So I decided to educate myself on the (factual) issues.

I have a close friend who was very pro-repeal and actually turned me off, as did the posters for retain. So emotions were switched off. I have educated myself and made my mind up.

I’m not saying which way I’ll vote, that’s my own prerogative and my constitutional right to privacy. But I urge you all to educate yourselves on such an emotive issue, steer away from the bullshit and the emotional bluster (from both sides) and make your mind up. Please go out and vote. Great men died for our right to decide our countries future. Make the most of it.