Repeal the 8th - Poll


It is, and don’t call me Shirley… Surely the Smiley face showed I was jesting?


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I agree with all that post except the last piece, I have rarely voted and I have always had to defend myself against that argument, but IMO great men died so we could have the option to decide our countries future, but that does not mean that we have any obligation to take up that option. I mean what about people who simply cannot make up their mind regardless of how much they have looked into it? Surely it would be wrong to just vote one way or the other, because back in time people gave up their lives for our right to vote. I believe they also gave up their lives for our right not to vote.


But but but … we had that before they gave up their lives …


No side are all over the shop this week. their private polls are coming out in the 34% range which is why you have since the weekend seen a change in their message - now they are ok with the Protection of Life in Pregnany Act, now they are ok with “hard cases” being delt with in the consitution and now you are seeing splits in the camp over it, as other factions are sticking to the message -which lets not forget has been the ONLY message till now - of NO in any circumstance whatsoever.

I saw one No supporter actually disputing the No in any circumstances line with a journalist on twitter. They know it jig is up.

Declan Ganley’s attempts to say the vote is unsound due to vote fraud has been rightly seen as a set up and ignored, John McGurke literally threw Cora Sherlock under a bus last night in order to stir up some pathetic last minuite “contraversy” over Prime Time’s debate, Maria Steen will not face Pat Kenny after her performance on his radio show last week,John Waters has been hidden away from the public in a darkened room somewhere, David Quinn had to delete his tweet warning of how abortion will effect property rights and various shady elements are threatening to attend polling centres to demand ID from voters “to prevent fraud” - thats all in the past 24 hours!

Otherwise all is rosy in the No camp.


Maria Steen is back on for tonight (@Iomaint) but fully agree with the rest of the post. They look in disarray and haven’t gained the amount of ground they needed to in the last few weeks. Simon Harris was superb last night and combined facts as well as the truth that we have abortion in Ireland but we export it. He linked it to the No sides continuous argument that we don’t want an English style abortion regime in Ireland and turned it on its head.

I think he made an excellent point as well that goes beyond this debate in that there has been a lot of shaming and belittling of mental health during this campaign and that we need to move beyond that. All in all a superb performance

It would be a massive, massive shock imo if this didn’t pass at this stage


Agreed. My doubts and fears have completely diminished this week - especially the last couple of days. No side have imploded and may splinter further as the realisation that the game’s up dawns. There are some really nasty people there so expect a lot of venom flying every way. Yes just have to keep it steady now and stay on Harris’ messaging. They should not get too complacent though and there are still a few roads they should not go down.


My partner was out yesterday with my 8 month old. She was wearing her repeal jumper and helped an elderly lady in a wheelchair in Tesco to put her bags away. When the oul one saw the jumper, she told my partner she should be ashamed of herself and then said to our child and I’m quoting “your mammy wanted to abort you”
To say my partner was shocked is an understatement.


I moved house last year and did all the stuff you do to change your address on the electoral register a few months ago . Still haven’t received a polling card though. Any one else experience this problem?


are you on this? I might be wrong but as far as I know, you don’t need your polling card to actually vote


I just rang Dublin City Council, we are on the supplementary register which I was unable to access online. That register you posted is updated every February. Anyway helpful lady sorted me out - you re correct polling card not necessary if you bring 2 forms of valid id.


Saw it put quite simply somewhere. “Pro” or “Anti” abortion isn’t the issue. You’re either for legal abortion or for illegal abortion


you didnt contact declan ganley??? :rofl:


But sure aren’t both sides at it :joy:


just read this and have to say it was a very good angle on why the 8th should be repealed, namely that if we can’t agree on when something becomes a human, it should not be contained within the strict legal constraints of the constitution
I also didn’t know being a philosopher was still a job outside of ancient Rome and Greece


From the “get it off your chest” thread:


Go claim your vote anyway, it’s a constitutional right that many died for!


Very much a job … also known in modern days as a barfly …


well, the church doesnt recognise the unborn either - no baptisms for stillbirths for example…


perhaps you should put your green bin behind the front door so it all goes straight in? or put a letter box in it marked “for non personal post, including bills” :grinning: