Repeal the 8th - Poll


Agree here fully, he was quite deliberate. Malignant little shitebox


Yep, but he is also probably the best vote getter for the Yes campaign at the moment!!


it’s been a catastrophic week from a debating point of view for the No side.


You would also hope that the Referendum doesn’t become a protest vote against Govt as it often does. If it is a protest against the Cervical Cancer issue then that would be penalising women on the double. Hopefully people see that.

For a man of his ‘reputation’ Kenny can be a poor interviewer as he all too often loses objectivity in allowing his own personal view and opinion of an issue shape the tone and direction of the interview


I’ve been surprised how little we’ve heard from the Catholic church the past few weeks. I thought we’d have wall to wall emotive preaching from them.

I’m not a mass-goer so maybe it’s been spoken about all the time there?


every homily in my parish for months now, and the pro life campaign had a speaker one weekend as well. I had advance notice so was able to avoid it. it may be a co-incidence but to my mind the church atytendances have dropped like a stone in our parish since this started. make of that what you will. there has also been pastrol letters from various bishops, ours was two weeks ago.

the church realised some time ago not to be the front line of these campaigns - which is why they set up the iona institue, youth defence, SPUC, to do the work for them - but be under no illusion whatsoever that these organisations are led by, directed by and work hand in glove with the church. it just looks better to have a load of guys in jumpers and women on TV giving the exact same message as the church, then having a priest doing it. I think the last one they had was a monseignor from maynooth who was a cannon law expert during the childrens rights referendum, who was advocating that “natural” law (ie canon law) was superior to man made law. He went down like a lead balloon.


If the RC church could directly get involved they would be all over it. They are cute enough to stay away as the inevitable backlash against their rhetoric and history in regard to women and children would probably turn an overwhelming majority of undecided voters against them.


I wouldn’t be a regular mass goer myself but I was at mass last Sunday, (an anniversary). Towards the end of mass the priest announced that someone from the no campaign wanted to address the congregation at the end of mass, I decided that i wouldn’t remain for her address and left, but was quite suprised to see at least 90% of the congrgation follow suit and leave when she took to the altar, a lot of whom I would imagine might be no voters. I think it just shows that this is a very personal decision for a lot of people (on both sides of the argument),and people don’t appreciate being lectured as to how they should think by anyone.


Now if Maria Steen dressed up as a nun…!


I’m just waiting for the Sunday World exclusive scandal…:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Wow - that is amazing to hear such a large chunk of the congregation left. I didn’t realise that they would have people on the No side being afforded time on the altar but having read @dubintipp experiences too it is obviously a coordinated effort within the church.


As said, it’s counterproductive at this point for the church to get involved, but still surprising to hear so many left.


every church in the cashel & emly diocese got a visit. theres about 70 churches here, and i know that killaloe got the same, so i would say every church in the country got a talk.


I was at mass a couple of weeks ago and the priest announced a “rally for life” was taking place the following weekend and said he would hope members of the parish attend. The announcement was greeted by a load of murmuring throughout the church, and not the normal kind “Thanks be to God” responses he normally gets when he announces mass has ended


Quite right. In the reality of modern Ireland, people should - and clearly do - vote with their feet, in instances such as this. Some have made reference to the fact that the Church has not intervened publically in this debate and I am glad they haven’t as well, as my sense would be that their very presence in the debate would encourage many to vote yes.

However - and it’s my own personal opinion - I feel it is right that they use the opportunity afforded by Church services to present their side of the argument to their congregation, as the issue is absolutely fundamental to the teaching and beliefs of the Church, and as Spanner has stated, people are not obliged to remain and listen.


Ironic, given that they had just sat through a mass.


This is gas.


@Spanner 's crowd only left when the second collection baskets appeared …


I was at a Mass a few weeks ago and the priest started going large - so I just upped and left. I just can’t abide them marriage vows …


For anyone who is undecided