Repeal the 8th - Poll


genuinely unsure of whether the Drogheda twitter group is a parody or not. Some of their stuff is batshit crazy (well all of it really) but then they make the exact same points as other No groups in other ways


Yeah I thought the same about the LGBT Pro Life Ireland group after their classroom pic, but the rest of their posts are the usual stuff.
The image shared by the Drogheda gang is by a group called American Life League ( You can probably guess what they’re like! Quote from their page:
“When we consider the various crises in our world today that have been created by a cultural thirst for sexual pleasure and perversion, by the feminist movement, and by the enormous number of women who have aborted their babies,”


the drougheda account is a satire one - but done so well by using actual american stuff that its ahrd to cop. TBF they jumped the shark yesterday and even Det. Insp. Ganly rumbled it.

BTW it was found that Garda Ganlys french student ticked the “irish citizen” box when regstering to vote last year. He is unavailable to comment. Tipperary’s own Dr Strangelove Mattie McGrath had tried his best to use this in the dail last week. I’m still waiting his challenge to the marriage referendum, something I often remind him about. I’m sure he’ll be threatening to challenge this one too (he threatens to challenge them all, sure).

A lot of the “…for No” are actually the same couple of people just wearing different hats. They all seem to stem from the same offices as the Pro Life Campaign funnily enough. Its amazing how much info is there to be checked on twitter and facebook accounts, isp addresses and so on.


if it is a yes vote it will make mass very interesting on sunday. i’d say there will be a lot of shock in the flock and will be very hard for them to understand. maybe they will console themselves with phase two:the dail.


Today, I will be voting YES(if you haven’t already guessed).My yes will be for Sheila Hodges who’s cancer treatment was stopped due to a positive pregnancy test as the treatment may be harmful to her twin babies, Sheila’s babies were born 2 months premature and died immediately after birth. Sheila died 2 days after delivering her baby. I will be voting YES for Sheila’s children who were left without their mother.

I will be voting YES for Michelle Harte, a mother of one, who became pregnant whilst receiving treatment for cancer. Although her doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy because of the risk to her health, Cork University Hospital refused to authorise an abortion on the basis that her life was not under ‘immediate threat’. Michelle died from cancer, her Obstetrician Louise Kenny is begging for ppl to vote yes.

I will vote YES is for Savita Halappanavar who accepted she was miscarrying and begged doctors for a termination, Savita was refused because her foetus still had a heartbeat. Savita died. If Savita had of been giving a termination when she asked she would still be alive. The inquest after Savitas death claimed the 8th played a major role in her death.

I will vote YES for Ms Y, a migrant woman who fled to Ireland, she was pregnant as result of rape, she sought an abortion on grounds of suicide. Miss Y booked a termination in the UK but was arrested at the airport. Miss Y went on a hunger strike and was force fed and lied to about the possibility of termination for months. Her baby was delivered by a forced caesarean section against her will at 25 weeks.

I will Vote YES for miss P. Miss P, was 15 weeks’ gestation when declared clinically dead on December 3rd at an irish hospital. The nurses had to apply make up to Miss P to hide her collapsed eye sockets when her children were coming to visit. She was kept on somatic life-support treatment, despite her family’s wishes to allow her dignity in death, along with her baby, that was not at viability to survive outside of the womb. Seven doctors gave evidence in court over the following 3 weeks to determine that treatment during Miss P’s deteriorating condition would not have any realistic prospect for her baby to be born intact/would have no idea what kind of effects it would have on the foetus. At 17 weeks gestation, Miss P and her baby were finally able to be laid to rest.

I will Vote Yes for all those women who are told their baby’s have zero chance of survival outside of the womb and are suffering and sick inside of the womb.
I will Vote YES for the 12 year old girl who travelled to the UK in January after been raped. I will Vote YES for women who have lost their fallopian tubes due to Ectopic pregnancies, Yes for women who have had damage to their fertility systems due to prolonging the heart ache of miscarriage due to a an unviable heartbeat. I will vote YES for those women who never consented to Sex, Yes for women trying to escape domestic violence. I will vote yes for every woman and girl who has had or will ever have a crisis pregnancy. I trust women.



Great post @Iomaint


I could well imagine disappointment amongst some of the congregations, but shock? Do the opinion polls not suggest that there is going to be a ‘Yes’ vote? In such circumstances, surely a ‘Yes’ decision will be anything but a shock to all but the most sheltered or deluded.

And I would also have to say that my sense would be that many in the congregations on Sunday will have voted ‘Yes’ themselves, thus again dulling any shock value from a ‘yes’ vote.


Great Post Iomaint. You have helped me make up my mind for a yes vote. I was 85% there already but was very conflicted. thanks


I was always voting yes but your post Iomaint just cemented my reasons why I was voting yes.



Very sad story. what did the inquest find?

Here’s the part I found most relevant to Irish women

Her husband told the newspaper that she may have acted sooner but was examining options and raising money for the procedure.
She probably could have had the abortion sooner and in Ireland where the risk might have been lower


If we are in the realms of probablys and possibilities with ireland being one of the safest places in the world for pregnant women had she misscarried naturally she might be alive today
Sadly she is not


hopefully it’s about to get a bit safer again


There are no guarantees a yes vote makes it any safer


Will you stop! Ffs! Read my post above.


I reckon 68% yes.


When is the result expected?


Tomorrow after lunch


You could well be correct, but I feel the wrinklies were out in force too, for example the news there said there was a massive turnout in Roscommon of the elderly community. They’re the only county that voted against the marriage ref. They know how to mobilise the smell of piss brigade!

I was working today and while out and about, on every street corner or major intersection there were groups of people with yes banners, all getting great receptions (generally) and to be honest, if the guff the other night from that dog Mullen didn’t motivate the yes gang, nothing will.


Think so? I reckon it will be close.

Seems to be some concern around voter turnout. I think on an issue like this, a No is a more confrimed position and probably more likely to vote on it.