Repeal the 8th - Poll


RTE and Irish Times exit polls at 10pm tonight. Should give a good idea.


I think the higher the turnout the better chance the yes side will have. As I said a few days ago I think the biggest risk to the yes campaign was voter apathy where people might think it was a foregone conclusion and not bother voting.I feel the no side will get their vote out, whatever it amounts to, no matter what the turnout is, so it can only help the yes side to see big numbers voting, similar to the marriage referendum.


RTE were reporting that all Dublin stations would be over 50% My local one was over 60% when I voted at 7pm. You’d imagine some stations will reach over 70% easily.


I’d be amazed if it got as high as 68%. Personally I reckon it will be around the mid-fifties for yes.


Anywhere we can see the exit polls as they roll out after 10?


It’s odd that they can’t produce an exit poll at 10pm like the British media does for their general elections. It’s only a two horse race.


I take it back - Irish Times predicting a landslide Yes!


54.3 to 45.7 yes for me.


Are you certain?


Okay shows what I know. Irish Times exit poll is saying 68% yes. I’m genuinely amazed at that. Well done @bongoslaw


68% to 32% according to the Irish Times.

Landslide. Proud of our little island.


Would be amazed if it’s that high.


Right so, you feckin print mogules are all in cahoots!


The late late is advertising that it will have an exit poll before the end of the show tonight. Early indications seem to be for a decent majority for the yes side, Anything over 50.1% will do me…


Hup ya boya! We probably got over worried about the rural vote. Not as effective in referenda as it is in general election


Great post ,one of the best ever on this site


Over 30 FF TDs and senators voted against this amendment ,totally misread the mood for repeal
Majority of the population .Another political nail in their coffin.



Good riddance


Brilliant if true, but deep down nothing to celebrate. Although another moment to take this country out of the the dark ages has to be recognised.