Repeal the 8th - Poll


I see the coverage here got this guy elected!!


Didnt get elected, he brought a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and won so he then became pm, personally I reckon there should be elections but them are the rules


Let’s not be picky @bigp … we got him over the line!


Anti abortion protestors with graphic posters outside the Rotunda again today


theyre outside another hospital today.

tumbles and charlesbabbage never returned after the referendum.


Charles is distraught over Tony Kelly not being crap and Walter not scoring at all!


I read a tactic to try and stop them involves demanding them to show their video of you if you walk past them to comply with gdpr. Hopefully it will result in fines for non Compliance or they’ll be bogged down in enough paperwork to piss off. No place for their behaviour. There’s a way to protest abortion and outside maternity hospitals is far from it


Maria Steen has an article in today’s Irish Times. The picture of her would be better in colour. At least it means we don’t have to endure Mother Superior Breda O Brien.


I hope the 12 TD’s who tried to bring a motion to force a mother to have a funeral following an abortion are well and truly given a good beating in the next election. What a pointless and more importantly potentially damaging exercise to try and force upon people


An absolute disgusting tactic by them, while we have very progressive county in a lot of ways we still have a sizable part of the population wanting to go back to the bygone days of dancing at the crossroad.


I don’t understand this? Can you give a bit more please?


Sorry, it was 9 TD’s and not 12. It was defeated yesterday but shows their line of thinking which is straight out of the American way of despite it being legal, lets make it as hard as possible to obtain one


Thanks for that @Maxi88 - wasn’t aware.


Only surprised none of them introduced an amendment for tarring and feathering of women seeking abortions. Can only hope their electorate remembers this next election time but I won’t hold my breath.


You’d hope so…
But looking at the names involved and given their constituencies, I won’t be holding my breath.


Exactly. ‘His attitude to the pregnant women of this constituency may not have evolved from that which saw them hidden away in laundries for decades, but just look at the bypass he got us’ seems to be the attitude.


There is a she there too …


True but in fairness to her, it wasn’t the parish pump voting mentality that got her into the Dáil.


Be interesting to see how she fares next time - if she stands.