Resser in the Spotlight


Hi @Ohm and welcome to the resdubs version of Guantanamo bay!

Which is your favorite sport, football or hurling?

Have you ever heard of EwanMcKenna?


I prefer gaelic football

  1. Gaelic football
  2. Ladies football
  3. Hurling
  4. Camogie

I already mentioned to someone a few weeks back to give that troll as little publicity as possible.


Hi @Ohm

Favourite things about Connecticut
Whats nice to check out there , sight seeing wise ?


Which of the following are overrated or underrated?

The Sopranos
Sex and The City
Law & Order

Do you live in the super dooper posh part of CT?


I’ve only seen 2 of those. There both ok. No I certainly don’t live in the rich part which would up in Fairfield.


@Ohm Have you ever:
A- played GAA at any level
B- attended an inter county game?

Where does your love of GAA come from, is it from your Irish heritage, or did you just ‘stumble across it online’ and thought ‘that looks like fun!’


I just stumbled across it. No I’ve never played or attended the game. The closest would be doing keepy uppys with a football outside.


Favourite hurler?
Baseball or Basketball?
Field of Dreams…never seen it, load of crap, or it makes me cry.
Favourite book, film, album & song?
DeNiro or Pacino?


“In July 2016, Money magazine ranked Fairfield the best place to live in the United States”

That’s some endorsement !


This is all rather unbelievable


If you could swing a hurley at either Trump or the shite bag in Brazil who would you choose?


95% of men masturbate in the shower. The other 5% sing a song . What’s the name of the song?


All school questions, favourite year, favourite subject, favourite teacher and finally your greatest talent, oh and one more, were you on a sports team.


Ah give her a hint! Is it by Wank Hilliams?


No. And it’s not ‘hand by your wang’ by Tammy Wynette.


@Ohm are you a fan of the crash test dummies?


What did you make of the super 11s in fenway.
Did you head up?


No I saw on tv though but its not really hurling. It feels like a totally different game.


What does the username OHM stand for? What’s it some abrreviation of a name?

Ciarrai? Keepers of the flame or sneaky muck artists

Mayo- second best team since 2012 or pure bluffers


shame you didn’t pop up the road to it when it was your door step (granted it is a big door step) few ex pat buddys of mine living in CT headed up.