RIP Thread


Kelsey’s old man died when he was 16 and John never married or had kids of his own. John seemed to have filled a hole in Kelsey’s life.


You can see by his timeline he rarely tweets . That’s a lovely comment .


Former Ireland, Celtic and Man Utd Player Liam Miller

Only 36.

Ar dheis de go raibh a h-anam


Desperate. Rip


Remember when he burst onto the scene with Celtic, was man of the match against Barcelona at the Camp Nou, fantastic talent had a bad injury run that hampered his career.
Ar dheis de go raibh a h-anam.


RIP Liam Miller. Too young.


Very sad. Only 36 with a young family. Life can be a cruel c**t


Jaysis that’s fucken desperate excuse the French. 36 is no age to go. You just don’t know what’s around the corner. RIP


Poxy , heard rumours awhile back that he wasn’t great . Shocking , too young .


Terrible horrible news. Can’t believe it. Go gently on your way liam. rip


Very sad news. RIP Liam. Sleep well young man.


Not a dicky bird from the FAI about this yet. Shameful


They’ve done it now


Better late than never I suppose but still shouldn’t have taken them this long to tweet out something


Think whoever runs their twitter must have had the evening off yesterday. Their last tweet before this one was at about 5 o’clock yesterday.


I am been viscessious here , but how can a lad who is a professional athlete and has played at a very high level of sport be dead at 36 ??? Shocking news , makes ya appreciate the life we have and how precious and fleeting it is .RIP.


Cancer doesn’t give a shit how you led your life .


Or who you are m… it doesn’t discriminate the horrible ■■■■ of a disease. Hopefully somewhere right now even, someone has made a break through on curing this. Since November I have know three people well who have passed away from cancer, a fellow resser mother at Christmas. It’s scary


Catherine Nevin

Good fucking riddance. The witch


Don’t think she deserves to be mentioned in the RIP thread. If we had a thread for Rot In Hell she would be a perfect candidate