RIP Thread


RIP can also mean Rest In Pain @sneakersotoole :wink:


Heartbreaking. RIP young fella.


Awful news .


God rest that poor young lad. RIP.


RIP little man


You Only Live Twice probably the best of the 3 Bonds he directed. Although The Spy Who Loved Me has it’s moments.


Dermot Morgan dead 20 years ago today


And Frank Kelly (Fr Jack) 2 years ago today. I’d say Fr Dougal shits himself this time every year!


Christ 20 years. Where has the time gone

Badly missed. Would have great fun with Trump and he’d of had great fun with Bertie and his ‘I won it on de horses’ excuse


I posted the 20 best clips of father Ted in get it of yer chest thread. Like others can’t believe it’s 20 years. The scene with father jack on been prepped for the bishops visit is simply hilarious


The milk float scene where the lads say mass for Dougal from the back of a truck made me cry with laughter the first time I saw it.
As did the Riverdance scene.


Roger Bannister, first man to break the 4 minute mile barrier.


Fiorentina captain and Italian international Davide Astori, just 31, found dead in hotel room. RIP.


And David Ogden Stiers of MASH fame.

What the ■■■■ is going on!!


Balls , always liked him .There was a great story arc with him in Frasier where there was a question of he might have been Frasier & Niles father because their mother had an affair which Marty had kept from the boys . Really touching episodes .


A superb one that finishes with him and John Mahony talking in the corridor outside Frasier’s appartment. Both gone within weeks of each other ;(


Very funny part here


Looking at that now I’d forgotten just how sharp that show could be.


Probably my favourite sitcom of all time . The satire was fabulous & the writing excellent . They had a superb cast too .


That’s a thread all of its own!