RIP Thread


Never got it myself but people who like that stuff seemed to love him so fair dues.


the late late this friday is a country and irish special so i guess there will a lot of stuff about him.

even though i always liked stuff by the dubliners/wolfe tones/paddy reilly and so on i was never a fan of C&W or C&I till i was dragged down here, and after a few years of it being on radio or in the pub all the time you kinds get used to it, its mostly catchy tunes upbeat tempo music with guitars and so its all right. the lryics are usually maudlin though so you try not to really listen to the verses or try not to laugh if you do.


Are you equating country with Irish C&W and Big Band stuff?


there is a cross over, you’d see that any weekend night in a rural lounge, and he was on the last late late country music special a few years ago.


You sir, have my deepest sympathies!


Could never warm to the likes of what Ray Lynam, Big Tom, etc, produced.


was in Nashville many moons ago on a road trip and i could tolerate most of the music.

The Irish stuff not so much.

But hey , it brings joy to many people and @dubintipp - so each to their own


ah here - joy is overstating it!!


Over many years some of my most jaw dropping experiences have been in rural pubs on Sunday nights … think Deliverance …


I knew I recognised your squeal…



Deliverance pales in comparison to
“Rednecks & Rhinestone “ music festival in Emo, Co. Laois.
Crystal Swing performing “Do the Hucklebuck”.
A brutal assault on the eyes & ears.


Dubliners, Wolfe Tones etc have no relation really to country. it is a different genre. I am not sure what Country and Irish is though, other then a crime. But within that there was a few good artists trying to break out, Ray Lynam was much more country then country and Irish for example.

But there is some serious good country music out there these days, The Drive By Truckers, Jason Isbell and James McMurtry are all excellent.


Big Tom would be popular with the parent in-laws.

He used to have ‘How’s she cuttin’ on his posters. No better culchie saying.

I always associate showband music with weddings and having a good time.

A few hours before the DJ, that music always gets palyed for the older ones and I’ve even danced to it half-cut (as you need to be).

If you want to see a rural / urban divide up here…it’s at the weddings.


Superb oxymoron …


Who you calling a moron!

I get well tipsy at weddings and dance away…impossible to be sober.

And my kids get to watch with embarrassment.

As the saying goes…as full as a sheugh!



It’s sad.

But I’m that person who boozes at the bar…hears a good song…and does a shuffle from the bar to the dance floor.

I’m cat at dancing. But with a few beers I’m convinced I’m John Travolta.


Or mr. bean?


Never mind rural pubs, the old Sean OCaseys/Riordans in Marlborough Street still had the weirdest cúlchie one-man-band karaoke dance night up til a couple of years ago when it shut/changed hands. I was there after a Dubs league game one night and two Romanian tourists wandered in, young women, and the guy had them up singing after a short while. Great craic in fairness but very odd ‘music’ and crowd