RIP Thread


I know they say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but there seems to be a lot of heartfelt and genuinely nice things being said of former White House First Lady, Barbara Bush, who died yesterday. Apparently, a big campaigner of equal rights and social justice.



With due respect she should should have started the campaign at home. Her family’s friendliness with the Saudis in particular is repulsive.


Fair point. She’s hardly unique in that regard, however.


92 years is a fair aul age to live to all the same and was married for 73 of them.



Saw her husband and son inaugurated at US President … in a country of 325 million people you’d get long odds on that happening!


One of only two women to have been married to one US President and been the mother of another. Abigail Smith was the other. She was married to John Adams and was the mother of John Quincy Adams. Although unlike Barbara Bush didn’t see her son become President


But if you are white & are married into a seriously loaded “old money” Ivy League educated, WASP family, the odds shorten considerably.


heard two versions of the mick jagger meets big tom story in the past day. one at a big tom concert and the other in a bar, both where mick looks for toms autograph and he refuses to believe its mick so he wont give it.


Dale Winton


Ah That’s brutal, loved Dale…
He was good pals with Souness afaik


RIP Dale… loved his cameo in Trainspotting.



Ah thats sad. Loved him as Dame Edna.


I was never really a fan of him and his perma tan but he was very popular, nonetheless. But he also seems to have had a troubled life. I never realised he was Jewish. His father died on the day of his Bar Mitzvah and his mother died of an overdose when he was 21. Very young age to die.




Not really my kinda music but a decent guy by all accounts and 28 is no age.


Was probably the first real superstar of his genre to break America. As already said 28 is no age to be dying. Was in poor health the last year and a half. Released some good music imo. RIP


Very young to pass away. RIP. Very sad.


What was his illness?

My kids go to a Gealscoil so his music is constantly in my ears, thanks to colaiste Lurgan. Very catchy tunes, and way too young to pass away.


Haven’t said yet but had his gallbladder and appendix removed about 4 years ago because he was overly fond of the drink


Verne Troyer aka Mini Me in Austin Powers

Suicide it seems. Poor fella


Baby Alfie Evans has passed away just short of his second birthday. Held on a lot longer than anyone imagined. RIP little man