RIP Thread


Heart breaking story


RIP little man.


Sad to hear that. Though it was sort of a comedy moment there’s a bitter sweet bit in the film In Bruges where Ray talks about the very short people saying alot of them kill themselves.


Thankfully, he was probably too young to realise his situation and hopefully he wasn’t in pain. The same, alas, cannot be said for his parents. God only knows what they must be feeling. God Bless them and RIP, little guy.


He won the Lotto. Moved to Thailand. Died of a heart condition. Forgive me but what a way to go!



8 years since i heard the news after having breakfast in new york city.

Was never a fan of him to be honest


Me neither. Too far up his own arse for my liking.


He gave a great speech outside a local head-shop about keeping drugs out of the area.


the irony


Was home that spring, due to a death in the family. I can still remember it being all over the news, as if it was the only news story going on at all. That & Brian Cowan being pissed during a radio interview. (Or maybe that was on another trip that year.)

I’ve a vivid memory of someone ringing up Joe Duffy & saying he was our Princess Di and me pissing myself laughing, on the way out the door to the funeral.



Brian Cowan… how many trips?


That year? Four. Mid January, early March, late April & early September.


I was talking about how many “trips” did Brian Cowan have?


He’s from Awfully. I doubt if he even knows what “a trip” is.


(Unless, its a fact finding mission to the Bahamas, paid for by the tax payer. He’s probably well up on those.)


Lasssssht one wassshh the Morning Irrrreland one … hic


By the look of him his face broke his fall every time.



That’s up there with…


jesus christ