RIP Thread


Meanwhile, in a nearby parish …


Harry. That is beyond dreadful!


I know.

I’m weaning myself off it, only watched it 12 times today.


Good Jebus, that’s bleedin brutal.


Some things just can’t be unseen or unheard .


And then there was the Late Late Wild challenge, where Gerry and others PURE SHOCKED the nation by claiming they killed a sheep and ate it during the challenge. And Gay B at his sanctimonious, bullshit worst.

But I liked GR in his earlier incarnation on the radio, he was very funny. It was when he started to go low brow tabloid for adults that he lost it I feel. And lumping that equally painful yoke Brenda Donoghue upon the world. The voice that grated hard cheese.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Its like the brother fella of the lovely twins from bewitched got caught up in a time loop from Dexys Midnight runners C’mon on Eileen…

But Ronan, oh man that… lad gave it everything. All he needed was his prop acoustic guitar to make it look authentic.


I was at a stag in Newcastle years ago talking to a lass and my chat up line was I was the 6th guy in the group when ‘we’ appeared on the late late show. I was showing them this clip and everything. She believed me, but still didn’t pull, me, in Newcastle and still didnt pull! Have hated boyzone ever since


I’d really keep that to yourself Harper. Terrible thing to happen to any bloke.


Even Sid the Sexist pulls in Newcastle!!


Ah, are ya alright hun ?


Margot Kidder


RIP Lois Lane. Was great in the Superman movies.




Tom Wolfe


Well ya learn something new everyday , didnt know he wrote The Right Stuff . Great film .

He will be missed .


Philip Roth


Brendan Ingle RIP


the union guy?

thats a shock.