RIP Thread


:joy:, just watching the into to The Layover episode & he describes the Northside as the "rougher , residential side of the city "
The rascal !


Dirty Den


Has Ange been arrested?


One of the best drummers of his generation, ex-Pantera sticksman Vinnie Paul, dead at 54. Joins his brother Dimebag Darrell who was gunned down at a gig in 2004 :disappointed_relieved:


Just seen on Hill 16 Army FB page that Philly McMahon’s dad passed away this morning. RIP.


Vorstedt in Lethal Weapon 2


Another one of the Dunlops killed



Terrible news with a young family.


Met him once a few years ago doing a charity run for an injured racer. Genuinely lovely humble guy. RIP William


It’s a crazy game I dont know how they do it with the casualty rate. RIP young Dunlop


Heartbroken for the Dunlops especially after the problems that his partner was experiencing with her pregnancy.

Had planned to go to the races tomorrow but have no stomach for it now.


This is why I stopped going to the races. Met him a few times, terrible news. I know these guys love it and live for it but it’s just too dangerous and not worth the risk IMO


Hate to be this way too, absolutely loved going to watch it but there is no sport or pastime that can be worth so much risk and that has caused so many fatalities.

The family have had to endure many losses and this is another terrible cross to bear. RIP


It probably is going to come to a point when the insurers simply won’t insure it. Motorsport in general in Ireland is being hampered by crippling insurance costs and not that a competitor’s life is worth less but it will take the death of a spectator to hammer the final nail into road racing in Ireland.


Peter Carrington British Foreign Secretary who resigned over the Argentinean invasion of the Falklands.

Ironic that he passed away on the same day the buffoon Boris resigned.

The differences in their abilities at diplomacy are stark


Another young GAA player taken way too soon - RIP.


Jesus that horrible news. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a Anam.



Whole Greek fires are awful tragedy and one loss closer to home. On his honeymoon - RIP Brian o callaghan - westropp,
Worth reflecting in light of ongoing PUC debate, that there are many who give their time selflessly to other noble causes outside of sports volunteering such as bloodbikeseast etc.


Terrible tragedy. I was hoping beyond hope he would be found alive. God love anybody involved in that tragedy. RIP Brian.