Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Penalty? Yes. But not even a yellow. He led with his shoulder into the ball but didn’t wrap his arms.


Eng will be very strong in the 6N. I think Ireland probably won’t win it this time but will really want to target that game.


1st game up going to be a cracker of a game.


He was brilliant but he’s not a captain

Kicking for the corner instead of taking the easy 3 points cost them the game in the end.

Great battle and its sets up a potential cracker next week for us against All Blacks


We’ll see how it goes. England always struggle in the season immediately after a Lions’ tour. However, man for man, I believe Ireland are stronger than England in key positions (9 and 10), in the front and back rows and are also establishing (laregely through Leinster’s academy) strength in depth. Ireland will be at home to France and Ireland and, due to the central contracts, will have fresher players.


Not with Jones as boss they won’t.

You don’t take off your hooker at half time after you play your best 40 mins in a very long time when he was doing ok and bring on a lad that got annihilated at the lineout


A song about slavery, they have no sence


Easy to say that in hindsight. It seemed very unlikely at the time that 3 points would be enough and they were looking odds on to convert a try from a driving maul. It was the right call at the time. It’s quite likely that the AB’s would have conjured up another score had he taken the 3.


It was never the right call.

In a tight game get the points on the board and try and keep the scoreboard ticking over especially when they hadn’t scored since the 25th minute.


Especially when they have, in him, a top class goal kicker. If they’d a duffer taking the kicks then fair enough.


I’m tipping Ireland to win that second game…




Ireland a bit complacent here? Eyes on next week?


Dont know what it is, very sloppy though


Hard to listen to Fast Eddie. He was a shit manager.


You can’t commentate on a rugby match while walking your dog


A lot of fuss about a few ould challenge matches


At least the Autumn test are in Autumn.

Dublin Gaa have some of the ‘Spring Series’ in Winter :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


Rugby hypes up these challenge games to hilarious effect . Winning or losing these games means absolutely nothing


the GAA could learn from the way they do this, seemingly meaningless games can be hyped by calling them tests and winning these contributes to your ranking and therefore seeding in the next major tournament.