Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Agreed .

The southern teams are looking forward to timeout. These ‘tests’ for them are a drain

Unfortunately for Ireland the World Cup next year actually gets played in a perfect time for the Southern Hemisphere teams in September October time . The northern hemisphere teams aren’t used to peaking at that time


I have little or no interest in rankings tho to be honest, i just can;t get excited about challenge games. Give me a shout when the six nations roll around.


The fact Argentina are ranked 9th makes a bit of a mockery of them alright


They affect world rankings which, in turn, affects the World Cup draw, so they do have meaning.


Dan Leavy was outstanding. We might have seen the last of Sean O’Brien in an Ireland jersey, unfortunately.
Rory Best had a mare. Ireland’s weakest link, for me. Lineout was terrible, though not all his fault.
Ireland receiving restarts were poor, also. Way too many turnovers, also.
Argentina are no mugs, making progress slowly each year due to playing NZ, Australia and South Africa twice every year.


The 6N this year was England’s post-Lions hangover. But it was Ireland’s too to some extent.
Ireland would have a great chance to win it again, and to do a Slam again, I’m not sure they’re going to go all out for it though. I think we will lose one game, most likely away to Wales if they get their act together, or home to England, or if we win both of those but have a bad day in Scotland we could lose that one. 8 points might well still win the championship if we don’t lose to England.


England lose a late try to offside after getting away with a penalty last game. Instant Karma as John Lennon would say.


England are absolutely shocking here against Japan.

Their giving away too many needless penalties and are very slow moving the ball


Improved by the end?


Yeah slightly once Farrell came on at half time they took control of the game and kept Japan scoreless in the 2nd half.

Japan are decent enough but England are poor and missed a lot of tackles and their discipline isn’t good and will get punished by decent sides.


Bring back the old haka!!!


We should be allowed do river dance if they are allowed do the haka.


Big hits all over the place , Lurch put in a big one on Retalic .
Enjoyable so far .


Great game so far and some intensity

The Irish back row are having some game


Wayne Barnes is, as always, a c*nt.

Best should cut out the tricks.


Agreed on Barnes but he’s having a good game so far

Best has been poor with ball in hand but his line outs have been very good


I d agree with you If i actually knew something about rugby. Enjoying this game though , fuckin savage tackles.


The Blacks love to ref the game. We deserve to be ahead at ht.


How many pens before a yellow?


Should be two yellows now

One for high tackle and then for constantly offside