Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Is sexton s kicks that he hung up in the corner not a bit of a lottery ( did it twice) maybe he should have kept the passing game going . . We should be more than 3 ahead no?


It was a free play as we had a penalty




Playing a ball when standing offside on the wrong side of a ruck is about as cynical as it gets. High tackle should have been a yellow card but will always be looked at subjectively but that particular offside infringement should be a yellow every single time.

I’ve had the pleasure of telling Wayne Barnes to his face that he gives the Irish nothing.


Marmion is ok but is no Murray. Great half by the backs - Ryan is a beast. Can’t we keep the pressure up? 62/63% possession and territory. Just nothing stupid - keep it tight.


Blessed there


Get in !!


Peter O’Mahony is a terrier.
Brilliant try from Stockdale.


This is rugby country :joy:


This is some performance .


Take a bow O’Mahony


Some performance from O’Mahony


Amount of last ditch interceptions . Next score is crucial. A 3 pointer be like a try psychologically if we got it.


This is brilliant


Will need another score


Christ the lineout :imp:


Just make sure if they go over it’s as close to the touch line as possible. Nz not going to get try con and a 3 pointer in the time left are they ?


Hold on lads




You fucking beauty. Magnificent perfomance from every single one of them :ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland: