Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Need to watch that match again. I was afraid that missing four probable starters would hurt us but it didn’t seem to. Very few errors and able for the pressure, we deserved the win. Schmidt is peerless among rugby coaches across the planet and should be offered any money to stay here, until our home-grown coaches are ready to are over.


I said that about nz not scoring a try I thought was remarkable, in the pub and a Leinster player next to us told me they didn’t last week v England. But they did score last week.


Roy Curtis in the Indo is brilliant. Have a read… I know it’s the Indo, but it’s great journalism!!!


We give away so few penalties, even when under huge pressure, contest almost every ruck legally, it goes a long way towards winning games.


Andy Farrell has to get a lot of credit for that too, he’s a remarkable coach.

@beeko I agree about Best but as you say he has got Toner to aim for but also O’Mahoney but if we don’t really ha e a back up for Best and that’s the worry going forward, Cronin is good but he’s not great.

As for the All Blacks been held try less, they didn’t score a try against the Lions last year in 2nd test and also against the Aussies in 2014.


Lions aren’t a country though.

I know Toner had departed but we lost two 5m lineouts which could’ve been disastrous. Do we blame Cronin or the intended ‘receiver’? Also think our scrum is very impressive now. AB replaced their front row very early.


You must have been great at Geography in school, the question Beeks asked was when did the AB last fail to score a try :kissing_heart:


Excluding the lions, apparently the last time a northern hemisphere team kept NZ from scoring a try was France in 95.



Ah I know but I think you have to differentiate between Lions games and international Tests so just saying.

And was good at geography - knew all my towns, rivers and mountains. Kids today don’t even know the counties!


Well there s Fingal, South Dublin, Dun laoghaire-rathdown…



As regard the kicks and chases by Ireland, look again. We often didn’t challenge the receiver when we kicked the up and unders. At first I thought it was just the kicks were too far ahead, as Marmion’s box kicks were erratic most of the time, at best. Then it started to look like a pattern, and because we were doing so well with territory and getting possession back, I have to assume it was a tactic, not pushing up too much when we kicked for central position. It resulted in us pinning them down and we didn’t allow them opportunity for counter-attack line breaks because we held such a disciplined line.

In contrast they challenged almost every up and under they kicked, as nearly all teams have always done. And they disrupted our receivers really well, we caught very little clean ball off those kicks. But they made limited headway off that, which I can only assume was down to our brilliant tackling and defense in general(which all NZ commentators and media keep highlighting).


How’s this been received over there ?


A mixture of alot of admiration for Ireland (and JS of course! Some of it is gritted teeth as they simply aren’t used to it but even those are relieved it’s Ireland, not England who they despise, or Australia who they have to keep on top of, or SA who they historically have to give second best to on several occasions ), a fair amount of slagging off of Hansen, (though that’s mostly by punters who were never fans or who are the type to turn on their team every time they have a set-back), and alot of talk of trying or expecting to get JS as NZ coach after the WC.

There’s still a bit of goal-post shifting with now the reason Ireland “can’t” be best team in the world is we haven’t done it at the WC. Which is true in fairness. But previously the reasons were also “can’t beat the Southern teams”, and there’s still some “have to beat us in NZ”, which while true is a rare enough event ( Ireland playing in NZ), and I do think Ireland will beat them in NZ sooner rather than later.

It’s worth reading the comments section in outlets like NZHerald, after articles like the one somebody posted above, and also, and the links you get from those. Lots of comments, a wide cross-section, as you would expect for a country that lives and breathes rugby.
On the street over here people were subdued about it, a bit of slagging off and banter, congratulations from some, especially those (who are many) with Irish family/ancestry. There wasn’t nearly as many out watching it as I would have expected, even given it was on at 08:00. It was a sunday. Maybe they don’t rate these games so much


Fair assessment , it obviously means alot more to us than them , sure Read was smiling in the interview after the game.
It’s nice to get that monkey off the back with the win. They have to back it up now .


Maybe they just expected to lose!
I suppose they got spoiled by not just endless success but also the best standard of play any of us has probably ever seen over the past few years. But I would have thought the Lions series followed by some of the recent games would have got them much more engaged again. Maybe it’s a sign that people are getting turned off watching the top level of the pro sport because of all the money involved etc.

There was a big push to advertise the game being on in the Irish bars (of which there are about 8) in around the Auckland city centre, as there was a new NZ Irish Festival on all wknd, Damien Dempsey, Mick Flannery & Lisa O’Neill played concerts, so maybe alot of people went downtown.

As regards Read the comments from people online are really writing him off, saying he should retire from the international team. It’s funny, the culture of rugger, it’s still looked on as being “the choice of the player”, especially if it’s the captain, to step aside, rather than like every other sport pretty much where it’s “he should be dropped, let go” etc.

Yes I agree it’s a huge thing for Ireland to get the win in a ‘proper’ game, the Chicago game seemed a bit unreal in many ways. Not that it doesn’t count the same.
If you look at the form line of Ire Vs NZ the last decade we have gradually/steadily improved and more consistently competed very well, even in some of the away/tour games. To have beaten them twice, and should have beaten them another time, in what has been by far their most successful era is some achievement.


You could argue Ireland is not a country either.


:smirk: Keep that Catalonian type talk to yourself …