Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Here’s better ones of it.

One of the best Sports pics you will see


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Would someone spare a though that for poor michaels duignans da ffs

48 games for eir Sport and 14 for RTÉ - Irish TV details for 2019 Rugby World Cup revealed

Used to enjoy the rugby World Cup. Oh well.


RTE are showing the Ireland games live as well as all knock-out stage games.


That good anyhoo but you know these tournaments, there’s often a funny one like Sa v japan which winds up being an unexpected classic.


My lad had the luck of I don’t know who, but this week he has been on TY year work exp in the Aviva. Only he could get to sit in on the planning meeting for Sat match, take part in kicking practice with the squad, access all areas on Sat and be involved in the Captains run tomorrow.


Fair play - great for the lad. You must have some pull there @Bart :wink:


Just lucky to know some good people who facilitated it.


Nice one. I’m sure he’ll have a stack of photos and memories.


He’s been walking like John Wayne since.


I’m currently in Amsterdam on business:wink: Getting updates by the hour, he’s been on kicking duty with Carberry, passing with Ringrose and Stockdale for a photo session, having the craic in general with the squad, says Farrell is sound and Joe gave him 15mins of his time for a chat. Living the dream!!!


Brilliant! But that’s you blown out as a role model. Next time you try to lay down the law it’ll be ‘nah Joe says this and Joe says that’ … :joy:

Ps Does your lad play any rugby?


Dub, yes, played junior cup last year. He’s more of a football n hurling man though.
Yes, i can see Rob said this and Andy and Joe said that!!! Some week for the lad though. He sent me a video of the dressing room as he helped lay out the kit, we’re wearing an alternate colour tomorrow!!!


Apparently another unpunished shoulder charge by Farrell today.


Second string Ireland team, second tier USA team, packed Aviva. Can someone explain that in the context of other sports in Ireland?

I don’t get it.


Good marketing, good team regardless, good entertainment …


You can drink all through the game in your seat. That helps.


A lot of the tickets were sold as a package. You had to buy tickets for all 3 games.

Anybody know what is the story with the blue jersey?


The green was clashing with the white.


Spewan being a nasty arsehole on Twitter (Shock horror I know)


Scrappy game. Looks like the kind of game we could pull away in the final 20. Although we have already had to use a lot of our back replacements.